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IPv6 fixes #74

cabo opened this Issue · 11 comments

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... are in
which see for details.
Tested with Solaris 10, OSX 10.6.4, so far.


The main patch from the fork is at cabo@65de2a4

I recently merged a patch in #132, but using struct sockaddr_storage like this patch suggests might be a better solution?


Using struct sockaddr_storage seems more ellegant, right.


First I would like to thank cabo for this patch.. it saved me today :P
and of course all devs for this great gem...

Than.. Is this merged right know in the main tree or I still have to use cabo's fork ?
sorry for asking but i'm a little github n00b..



As I've reported in #189 and #190 it seems that fixes UDP over IPv6 but EM.connect fails under IPv6.


Is there any progress on this bug? We have been running on the cabo fork for some time now and would love to see it going into the main project. (Granted, we use it for UDP over IPv6, so have found no problems with it)

ibc commented

Hi wilken, so you have no tryed your EM fork with TCP over IPv6 (client connection), am I right? As I said, the fork doesn't fix TCP over IPv6:



The TCP/IPv6 bug is fixed in

@cabo cabo referenced this issue

IPv6 and UDP fixes #297


It seems that EventMachine will never include real IPv6 support (probably no interest, people is happy with HTTP IPv4 servers for all).

Check for a mantained "version"/"branch" of EventMachine with tested IPv6 support.



@flagos flagos referenced this issue in openplacos/openplacos

No ipv6 on server #11


Closing in favor of PR #570

@sodabrew sodabrew closed this
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