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Fix wrong Content-Length with non ASCII-8BIT strings. #12

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meh commented Sep 29, 2011

I was implementing a proxy and noticed I was getting a truncated result, after some time thinking it was my fault I thought about the Content-Length being wrong, and apparently evma_httpserver uses #length instead of #bytesize.

Putting #bytesize everything works properly.

Sorry for the change in the gemspec but it wasn't building with this error:

ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Gem::InvalidSpecificationException)
    cert_chain must not be nil

I also faced another problem with header names, it would be really best if you used the common names and not weirdly different names, for instance: Content-Length instead of Content-length. If it's wanted I could write a patch for this and send another pull request. (EDIT: #10 this does what I meant)


@tmm1 tmm1 commented on the diff Oct 5, 2011

@@ -142,7 +146,7 @@ module EventMachine
def fixup_headers
if @content
- @headers["Content-length"] = @content.to_s.length
+ @headers["Content-length"] = @content.bytesize

tmm1 Oct 5, 2011


Shouldn't this be content instead of @content, to prevent calling nil.bytesize


meh Oct 5, 2011


Nope, @content presence is already checked above, there's no chance for it to be nil.

Thanks for that fix, guys. Is anyone still taking ownership of this code? I see that they still haven't merged your fix in. You wouldn't have happened to publish a new version to rubygems.org would you? I guess I could just fork and merge in your changes myself.

@rcarvalho rcarvalho pushed a commit to rcarvalho/evma_httpserver that referenced this pull request Jul 19, 2012

rcarvalho applying meh's patch for issue #12 - Fix wrong Content_Length with no…
…n ASCII-8BIT strings

jay2u commented Nov 23, 2012

This is actually still an issue. We are using a monkey patch to fix this at the moment (after spending quite some time finding the origin of this problem) only to find out there was already a pull request for this...

Any reason this cannot be merged into the master branch?

Don't get me wrong. Thanks for a great piece of software otherwise. Brilliant stuff...

@tmm1 tmm1 closed this in 4eca69d Nov 24, 2012

halida commented Nov 25, 2013

The newest gem version 0.2.1 still has this problem, consider release new version?

@halida - I just found this too. I worked around the issue directly in my code with:

response.content = content.force_encoding(Encoding::ASCII_8BIT)

Its a shame that the current version of the gem doesn't handle this. Time for a new version.

jay2u commented Feb 19, 2014

@philayres Yes that would work but only with ASCII_8BIT. The issue here, amongst other things, is trying to avoid unicode body payloads becoming truncated.

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