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eventoL is a conference and install fest management software initially developed to manage FLISoL conference - install fest.
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docs #526 - Update badges (remove landscape badge and add code climate bad… Mar 14, 2019
.coveralls.yml Update coveralls token for new repo Dec 6, 2017
.dockerignore Update gitignore and dockerignore with vscode folder May 8, 2018
.flake8 add flake8 config Sep 16, 2018
.gitlab-ci.yml #529 - Fix gitlabci.yml for run python tests with reactjs code build Mar 19, 2019
.hound.yml Closes #495 - Add configuration for hound bot Jan 3, 2019
Dockerfile Fix dockerfile for new python-alpine image May 29, 2018
db.sqlite3.example Add more data in example db Feb 28, 2018
requirements-dev.txt Add pytest-lazy-fixture to dev dependencies Mar 13, 2019
requirements.txt Closes #514 - update django version Feb 23, 2019

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