Installer for the open-source version of Wesabe.
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OpenWesabe / Mesabe installer

This script is known to install cleanly against Ubuntu or Ubuntu Server 10.04. It may work on Debian as well (but probably not without some changes).

To install:


Then follow the on-screen instructions. Some steps will take a while.


If you are starting from a fresh install of Ubuntu, it will probably be necessary to do at least a sudo apt-get update. I'd also recommend a sudo apt-get upgrade.

If you are NOT starting from a fresh install of Ubuntu, I strongly recommend that you run the installer script as bash -n. This will prompt you to confirm package manager actions.

If you encounter the following error: E: Couldn't find package maven2 This probably means you need to enable the Universe software repository (in Ubuntu, see the System -> Administration -> Software Sources tool).

Prebuilt VMWare images

You can find prebuilt Ubuntu Server VMware images here. They will also run in VirtualBox with no problem.