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NOTE: These tasks are being deprecated in favor of thor-git, availble at I’m continuing to work on them there, but decided to switch from sake to thor because sake, as cool as it is, still uses rake. Check out thor at

Here are a few Sake tasks to make developing with Git easier (and some corresponding Git aliases to
make invoking them easier). Install them with:

$ rake install

Or, if you don’t want to actually download this stuff, just use Sake:

$ sake -i ""

Common Commands

$ sake git:update

Updates your current git repository, autodetecting whether you have a regular ol’ git project or a
git-svn project. I recommend aliasing it git up.

$ sake git:push

Commits any changes in your current branch not yet pushed upstream and ports ’em over to master. I use git ci for this one.

$ sake git:open [NAME=mynewbranch]

Creates a new branch off master. Think of this as opening an issue, or a new path of development. I use git open for this one, allowing you to call it like so:

$ git open mynewbranch

You can even call it without the branch name and it’ll ask you for it:

$ git open
* Name your branch: mynewbranch
$ sake git:close [NAME=mynewbranch]

This is open’s brother, and should be used when you finish something and have already moved it to
master or upstream. If you haven’t yet, don’t worry – this won’t eat your data. Like open, this one I alias to git close.


Thanks to Coda Hale and everyone else at Wesabe for trying these out when I first wrote them and
contributing tasks of their own, and to the Rubinius folks for giving me the idea in the first place.