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glensc Merge pull request #398 from glensc/imap-faulty-from
Handle uncaught header exception from mail download
Latest commit 03a8506 Jul 12, 2018
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bin ci: update changelog script for .tar.xz extension May 20, 2018
cli cli: avoid unbound version constraints (*) Nov 22, 2016
config create setup config for travis phpunit run May 20, 2018
contrib storage adapter: add verify option Jun 9, 2018
db/migrations fix mail queue error count query May 28, 2018
docs preparing for 3.5.2 release Jul 5, 2018
htdocs Prevent XSS attacks Jun 11, 2018
lib/eventum cleanup dead code (confuses php-cs-fixer) Jul 12, 2018
localization Update .pot Jun 27, 2018
res/config error_handler: do not log debug (start logging with info level) Apr 11, 2018
src handle headers in string format Jul 12, 2018
templates remove $original_message from bounced_email.tpl, it is never filled Jul 5, 2018
tests php-cs-fixer fix Jul 12, 2018
var Move default storage directory Jul 6, 2017
.codeclimate.yml no .inc in our tree Oct 20, 2015
.editorconfig exclude editor rules from vendor and smarty cache dir Jan 25, 2014
.gitattributes skip setup.phpunit.php from dist tarball May 20, 2018
.gitignore create setup config for travis phpunit run May 20, 2018
.gitmodules remove scm submodule Apr 19, 2016
.gush.yml add gush config and make rule to fetch it Nov 29, 2015
.htaccess Tweaks to default .htaccess Nov 16, 2015
.php_cs phpcs: use versioned cache file Sep 9, 2017
.styleci.yml add styleci config Nov 17, 2015
.travis.yml create setup config for travis phpunit run May 20, 2018
AUTHORS add more authors May 22, 2018 add changelog entry Jul 12, 2018 gmane seems not recovering eventum lists Sep 20, 2017
COPYING update COPYING formatting Apr 11, 2016
Makefile use php5 version of codecept Oct 23, 2017 remove styleci badge May 14, 2017
autoload.php detect if eventum is running from vendor May 20, 2018
build.xml phinx requires composer.json runtime May 20, 2018
codeception.dist.yml move codeception tests to subdir Oct 23, 2017
composer.json composer: drop roave/security-advisories Jul 10, 2018
composer.lock composer: drop roave/security-advisories Jul 10, 2018
globals.php avoid using APP_SETUP_FILE and APP_CONFIG_PATH constants May 20, 2018
init.php few more APP_CONFIG_PATH constant deprecations May 20, 2018
phinx.php phinx: fix order of $define and config load Oct 5, 2017
phpcompatinfo.json create phpcompatinfo report in release tarball Apr 19, 2015
phpunit.xml.dist skip exit when testing May 9, 2017

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