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What is Eventum

Eventum is a user friendly and very flexible issue tracking system, that can be used by a support department to track incoming technical support requests, or by a software development team to quickly organize tasks and bugs.

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Original Documentation
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  • Installation
    • Before you start, check the prerequisites for Eventum.
    • Download
    • [Doing a fresh install](Doing a fresh install "wikilink")
      • [Installation Process](Doing a fresh install#Installation_Process "wikilink")
      • [Scheduled Tasks](Doing a fresh install#Scheduled_Tasks "wikilink")
        • [Mail Queue Process (process_mail_queue.php)](Doing a fresh install#Mail_Queue_Process_.28misc.2Fprocess_mail_queue.php.29 "wikilink")
        • [Email Download (download_emails.php)](Doing a fresh install#Email_Download_.28misc.2Fdownload_emails.php.29 "wikilink")
        • [Reminder System (check_reminders.php)](Doing a fresh install#Reminder_System_.28misc.2Fcheck_reminders.php.29 "wikilink")
        • [Heartbeat Monitor (monitor.php)](Doing a fresh install#Heartbeat_Monitor_.28misc.2Fmonitor.php.29 "wikilink")
      • [Other Features Requiring System Setup](Doing a fresh install#Other_Features_Requiring_System_Setup "wikilink")
        • [Email Routing Script (route_emails.php)](Doing a fresh install#Email_Routing_Script_.28misc.2Froute_emails.php.29 "wikilink")
        • [Note Routing Script (route_notes.php)](Doing a fresh install#Note_Routing_Script_.28misc.2Froute_notes.php.29 "wikilink")
        • [IRC Notification Bot (misc/irc/bot.php)](Doing a fresh install#IRC_Notification_Bot_.28misc.2Firc.2Fbot.php.29 "wikilink")
        • [Command Line Interface (misc/cli/eventum)](Doing a fresh install#Command_Line_Interface_.28misc.2Fcli.2Feventum.29 "wikilink")
      • [Installing on SSL (https)](Doing a fresh install#Installing_on_SSL_.28https.29 "wikilink")
      • [Installing with PHP on FastCGI](Doing a fresh install#Installing_with_PHP_on_FastCGI "wikilink")
    • Upgrading
    • Installation Notes
      • [Linux based systems](Installation notes for Linux based Systems "wikilink")
        • [Slackware 12.0](Installation notes for Linux based Systems#Slackware_12.0 "wikilink")
        • [Ubuntu 5.10](Installation notes for Linux based Systems#Ubuntu_5.10 "wikilink")
        • [Fedora_Core 4](Installation notes for Linux based Systems#Fedora_Core_4 "wikilink")
        • [Debian Linux](Installation notes for Linux based Systems#Debian_Linux "wikilink")
        • [gettext and Translation](Installation notes for Linux based Systems#gettext_and_Translation "wikilink")
      • [PLD Linux](Installation notes for PLD Linux "wikilink")
      • [FreeBSD](Installation notes for FreeBSD 4.x "wikilink")
      • [Windows](Installation notes for Windows "wikilink")
        • [Allowing file uploads](Installation notes for Windows#Allowing_file_uploads "wikilink")
        • [Setting up Windows Task Scheduler (for sending email queue or downloading new emails)](Installation notes for Windows#Setting_up_Windows_Task_Scheduler_.28for_sending_email_queue_or_downloading_new_emails.29 "wikilink")
        • [Solving 'CGI Timeout'](Installation notes for Windows#Solving_.27CGI_Timeout.27 "wikilink")
        • [Solving 'pages do not refresh'](Installation notes for Windows#Solving_.27pages_do_not_refresh.27 "wikilink")
      • [NetWare](Installation notes for NetWare "wikilink")
      • [Shared Hosting](Installation notes for shared hosts "wikilink")
  • FAQ
  • Usage
    • [How issues are handled in Eventum](How issues are handled in Eventum "wikilink")
    • [Creating Issues](Creating Issues "wikilink")
    • [Working with Issues](Working with Issues "wikilink")
    • [Listing Issues](Listing Issues "wikilink")
    • [Editing Preferences](Editing Preferences "wikilink")
  • Features
    • Projects
    • Users
      • [Import Users](Import Users "wikilink")
    • [Email integration](Email integration "wikilink")
    • Administration
      • [General Setup](General Setup "wikilink")
        • [Tool Caption](General Setup#Tool_Caption "wikilink")
        • [SMTP (Outgoing Email) Settings](General Setup#SMTP_.28Outgoing_Email.29_Settings "wikilink")
        • [Open Account Signup](General Setup#Open_Account_Signup "wikilink")
        • [Subject Based Routing](General Setup#Subject_Based_Routing "wikilink")
        • [Email Recipient Type Flag](General Setup#Email_Recipient_Type_Flag "wikilink")
        • [Email Routing Interface](General Setup#Email_Routing_Interface "wikilink")
        • [Note Recipient Type Flag](General Setup#Note_Recipient_Type_Flag "wikilink")
        • [Internal Note Routing Interface](General Setup#Internal_Note_Routing_Interface "wikilink")
        • [Email Draft Interface](General Setup#Email_Draft_Interface "wikilink")
        • [SCM Integration](General Setup#SCM_Integration "wikilink")
        • [Email Integration Feature](General Setup#Email_Integration_Feature "wikilink")
        • [Daily Tips](General Setup#Daily_Tips "wikilink")
        • [Email Spell Checker](General Setup#Email_Spell_Checker "wikilink")
        • IRC Notifications
        • [Allow Un-Assigned Issues?](General Setup#Allow_Un-Assigned_Issues.3F "wikilink")
        • [Options for Notifications](General Setup#Default_Options_for_Notifications "wikilink")
        • [Email Reminder System Status Information](General Setup#Email_Reminder_System_Status_Information "wikilink")
        • [Email Error Logging System](General Setup#Email_Error_Logging_System "wikilink")
      • [Manage Link Filters](Manage Link Filters "wikilink")
      • [Become Super-Administrator](Become Super-Administrator "wikilink")
      • [Creating and Managing Projects](Creating and Managing Projects "wikilink")
    • Email Routing Interface
      • [Setting up email routing with Sendmail](Setting up email routing with Sendmail "wikilink")
      • [Setting up email routing with qmail](Setting up email routing with qmail "wikilink")
      • [Setting up email routing with postfix](Setting up email routing with postfix "wikilink")
      • [Setting up email routing with exim](Setting up email routing with exim "wikilink")
      • [Setting up email routing with 1 email account for multiple projects](Setting up email routing with 1 email account for multiple projects "wikilink")
    • [Reporting System](Reporting System "wikilink")
    • [RSS feeds](RSS feeds "wikilink")
    • Configuration
      • [Setting up fulltext searching](Setting up fulltext searching "wikilink")
      • [Extending and Integrating Eventum](Extending and Integrating Eventum "wikilink")
      • [Adding a cron entry](Adding a cron entry "wikilink")
    • Miscellaneous
      • [Using the IRC bot](Using the IRC bot "wikilink")
      • Deleting Issues (2)
      • [Fulltext Search](Fulltext Search "wikilink")
  • Development Related
  • Debugging Problems
    • [Displaying PHP errors](Displaying PHP errors "wikilink")
  • Presentations

Asking Questions

To ask questions or get more information please join/mail our mailing list: http://lists.mysql.org/#eventum

Note: It appears that there is no longer an Eventum mailing list hosted at MySQL.org. To follow project progress, you can follow https://github.com/eventum/eventum on GitHub.

Issues and questions can be posted at: https://github.com/eventum/eventum/issues

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