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Upgrade Process

One of our objectives is to make upgrading from an earlier release as painless as possible, and we provide scripts that should bring your existing Eventum installation up-to-date.

Please note that if your database encoding is not UTF-8, you may encounter various bugs:

See 2.2 upgrade instructions how to convert database to UTF-8.


When upgrading to a new version of Eventum, please follow these instructions:

  1. Backup your copy of Eventum - files and data.
  2. Extract your new Eventum copy over your existing folder structure
  3. Run the upgrade scripts described in below

Upgrading to latest version

PLEASE NOTE: If you are upgrading from a version older than 3.2.0 please read the version specific notes at the bottom of this page.

  • Rename your current Eventum dir to eventum.old
  • Extract Eventum release tarball and rename it to eventum directory.
  • Copy all config files from old version to new version: eventum.old/config to eventum/config
  • If your workflow API, customer API or custom field files to were in lib/eventum copy them to config/:
    • eventum.old/lib/eventum/workflow/ -> eventum/config/workflow/
    • eventum.old/lib/eventum/customer/ -> eventum/config/customer/
    • eventum.old/lib/eventum/custom_field/ -> eventum/config/custom_field/
  • Ensure your database database partition has enough disk space and run upgrade script: php bin/upgrade.php (upgrade/update-database.php in older versions)
  • Modify your workflow/customer classes not to require any Eventum core classes, they are autoloaded now. So you can just remove such lines:
  • Update your cron jobs to point to the scripts in the new location (see INSTALL). Previously the scripts were in 'crons', now in 'bin', eg:
	0 * * * * <PATH-TO-EVENTUM>/bin/download_emails.php username_here INBOX
  • Since 3.0.4 directory for writable data was moved:
Old Value New Value Description
templates_c var/cache templates cache
locks var/lock various lock and pid files
logs var/log directory for logs
  • Since 3.2.0 MySQL extension was changed from mysql/mysqli to PDO_MySQL:

Upgrading from versions before 3.2

You need to upgrade to 3.2.0 first before you can upgrade to 3.2.x versions. #270

Upgrading from versions before 3.0

Upgrading directly to 3.1/3.2 from versions before 3.0 does not work, you have to upgrade to 3.0 series first.

Upgrading from versions before 2.2

Upgrading from these versions not supported, you have to go back and upgrade to 2.2 version first.

Since version 2.2 the database is assumed to be in UTF-8 encoding, it includes scripts to convert.

The charset convert scripts exists up to 2.4.0 version and are removed in 3.x series.

While it may work to use other encodings than UTF-8, then be aware that such configuration is not tested and you may encounter various problems.

  • use convert-utf8.php script to update database to utf8 if the former encoding was proper
  • use fix-charset.php script to update database to utf8 if the former encoding was improper.

you may also find this tool useful:

See scripts contents for inline comments and customization

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