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Single purpose site for viewing results from “Nasjonale Prøver”, the Norwegian national school benchmarks.


  • MongoDB
  • Ruby 1.9.2

Repo ships with all the production data dumped to a MongoDB backup. From project root just do:

bundle && mongorestore ./data/nuskool_development && thin start


  • Return 404 instad of 500 on when looking up nonexistant schools
  • Show data for single schools even if we don’t have their location
  • Single school views should use full screen maps, pushstate, onpopstate and onnavigate hookage
  • Add school results to county and municipal views, perhaps using Pretty up.


  • Search REs seem to have unicode issues for scandi characters


  • setup Sinatra-app with MongoDB and Mongoid glue
  • read CSV data
  • Scrape school adresses from skoleporten
  • Geocode schools
  • Dump geocoded schools to CSV
  • Show Google Maps full screen
  • Sketch a GUI
  • Load markers for map bounds over AJAX as Json
  • extract counties and municipalities into their own models
  • parse test results
  • calculate normalize test results, average for school, municipality, county
  • scrape student body count from skoleporten
  • add hatched dark layer to background map
  • render nice markers with school size and performance
  • geocode counties and municipalities
  • junk markers not in bounds when scrolling and zooming
  • apply MIT License
  • Setup production environment
  • apply Google chrome frame for the IE masses
  • stuff Google geocoding key in environment
  • render municipalities and counties for zoomed out levels
  • push project to GitHub
  • nicely styled marker popup balloons with extended stats
  • about page and colofon. write copy.
  • http cache with rack::cache and memcached
  • deploy production environment

DONE – V2:

  • add new test data
  • rework models
  • rework statistics
  • rework display code
  • add high quality numbers for student count & addresses
  • run geocoding
  • aggregate results by test type and year for filtering
  • school have links to streetviews. Nice.
  • view schools for counties, municipalities and single schools
  • use highcharts for graphing results
  • add random stats page
  • Facebook likage
  • Get searchy


Norwegian national school benchmarks. On a map.







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