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@@ -158,8 +158,6 @@ def get_cached_values(eve_types):
obj = cache.get(key)
if obj:
found[eve_type.type_id] = obj
- else:
- app.logger.warning("Cache Miss. type_id: %s, %s", eve_type.type_id, key)
return found
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ <h4>What do I do?</h4>
Scan down a ship using a cargo scanner, click a result in the scan result list that pops up, hit <strong>CTRL + A, hit CTRL + C</strong>, then click on the box in this page and hit <strong>CTRL + V</strong>. It will then give you a readout with more detail in place of this text.
- <h4>What all can I paste in there?</h5>
+ <h4>What all can I paste in there?</h4>
At first, this started as a simple cargo scan estimator but over time more formats have been added to the parser so you can use it as a more general price checker. Currently the following formats are supported:
<li>Cargo Scanner</li>

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