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Open-Source Commerce Platform for On-Demand Economy and Digital Marketplaces

Ever® Demand™ is an Open-Source, Real-Time, Reactive, On-Demand Commerce Platform built with TypeScript.

You are welcome to check more information about the platform at our official website -



Demos are not available at the moment as we are moving to Kubernetes and showdown old demo server!

Video Intros

  • Introduction of both Ever Demand and Ever Gauzy platforms - view video (~30 min) or download
  • Introduction to Ever Demand Mobile Shop customer experience (UX) - view video (~30 min) or download


  • Modern & Open Platform for On-Demand Economy and Digital Marketplaces
  • Supports Single-Store and Multi-Store / Multi-Vendor / Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces
  • Everything Reactive, Real-Time and Blazing Fast!
  • Headless Commerce framework, which allows different implementations of store-fronts, Admin UIs and client apps. It exposes rich GraphQL, REST and WS APIs.
  • Mobile ordering App for customers to make On-Demand orders (Hybrid / PWA, iOS and Android using Ionic / Ionic Native)
  • Carrier (Driver) Mobile App for deliveries by carriers, drivers or service providers (iOS and Android using Ionic / Ionic Native)
  • Customizing Shopping e-commerce Website for customers to make in-browser On-Demand purchases of food, goods or services
  • Merchant Tablet App for Stores/Merchants/Warehouses to manage & track orders, organize deliveries, etc.
  • Admin Website used to manage all platform features and settings in the single Web-based interface
  • Multi-language and culture settings across Platform (i18N)
  • Products Catalogs (global and per Merchant) with Multiple Product Images
  • Inventory/Stock Management and Real-time Order Management/Processing across the Platform
  • Deliveries/Shipping management and processing across Platform (shipping with real-time location tracking for On-Demand orders)
  • Real-Time discounts, promotions and products/services availability updates
  • Customers registration, Guest Checkouts, Invitations (optional)
  • Gateway and Payment Processing (currently supported Payments Gateway - Stripe)
  • Plugins / Extensions / Custom Fields (WIP)

Planned Features

  • Tax Calculations
  • Third-party Shipping providers integrations
  • Users Roles / Permissions across Platform
  • Large products catalogs with products variants, facets and full-text search

You can also track feature requests from the community in the separate repo.


A word of caution: We are in α (alpha), i.e. Ever® Platform™ is very much under development (work in progress, WIP). Expect lots of changes and some 🐛 and please be nice! 😜

Technology Stack and Requirements

  • Full-stack TypeScript - frontends and NodeJs/Nest backend.
  • Headless Commerce framework (Backend APIs/Server) developed using Nest. Supports GraphQL, REST and WS Real-Time APIs (WebSockets using library).
  • Ionic (version 5) for Carrier Mobile App and Merchant Tablet App.
  • Shopping Mobile App built with Ionic (version 5).
  • Shopping Mobile App built with React Native using Expo (WIP).
  • Shopping Mobile App built with Flutter / Dart (WIP).
  • Shopping Website developed with Angular (version 9.1) using Angular Starter.
  • Admin Website developed with Angular (version 9.1) using ngx-admin.
  • RxJS library used heavy in every part of the Platform.
  • InversifyJS used for Inversion Control / Dependency Injection in most parts of the Platform. On the Backend/API we also use DI provided by Nest.
  • MongoDB Database used with Mongoose ORM (supported MongoDB version >= 3.2; we recommend version >=4).
  • We have ongoing effort (WIP) to add support for other databases using TypeORM and Prisma. Following additional DBs will be fully supported: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, MS SQL Server and Oracle.
  • For production, we integrate and recommend to use PM2.

See also and files in relevant folders for lists of libraries and software included in the Platform, information about licenses and other details.


Please refer to our official Platform Documentation and to our Wiki (WIP).

For a quick overview of each project in the Platform (Server, Admin, Shops, etc.), you can search for file in the root of the projects folders. For example, see ./backend/api/ for Server (Backend) related overview.

Getting Started

We follow Gitflow Workflow, so the develop branch may be in an unstable or even broken state during development. Please use releases or master branch instead of the develop branch in order to get more stable code.

Clone Repo

Clone the Ever Platform Git repo:

git clone


  • if you want to use develop branch (unstable, but latest development) clone using --branch develop (our default branch).
  • if you want to use release branch (more stable) clone using --branch master.


Currently, we are using Yarn (instead of npm), so make sure you have latest Yarn version installed before running Ever Platform:

npm install -g yarn@latest

Quick installation

After git repo cloned, just run following command to install/bootstrap all dependencies:

yarn bootstrap

Above command install required packages in all Platform projects using Lerna.

Note: if above command fails for any reason, you can try to install required packages manually by running yarn inside every sub-folder of packages folder with 'package.json' file


You can build all projects in Ever Platform using single command below:

yarn build:all

Note: the parallel build available using yarn build command

Lerna (manual installation)

We are using Lerna for mono-repo management. You need to run the following command from the working folder where you cloned Ever git repo, which install Lerna together with other packages:


You may instead install Lerna globally:

npm install lerna@latest -g

Now, after Lerna installed (locally or globally), you need to Bootstrap all dependencies manually:

yarn lerna bootstrap

The command above install all required packages for every sub-project of the Ever Platform.

Note: if above command fails for any reason, you can try to install required packages manually by running yarn inside every sub-folder with 'package.json' file.

After Lerna bootstrap everything you need to run build for all projects as described above in the "Build" section.


Ever platform configured to use MongoDB by default and assume you have MongoDB service running and accepting connections on the default localhost:27017. Please see relevant section in our documentation.

Platform Configuration

See relevant section in our documentation.

Run Platform Projects

After you build everything (yarn build:all, described above), each project from Ever Platform could be started by single command from this list:

Note 1: it is important to build shared / common platform modules (yarn build:common or yarn build:all) before running the Platform Core (API) or Apps

Note 2: during development you can run server with yarn run:server:dev to enable watch on TS files changes

Note 3: on the first run, API Server (Backend) creates MongoDB local database ever_development with the following (default) Admin user

  • email:
  • password: admin

You can use credentials above to login into Platform Admin App.

Note 3: in order to be able to run every project, you need to make sure everything builds, see section "Build" above.


According to cloc project, Ever Platform today has more than 120K lines of TypeScript, GraphQL, HTML / CSS and other code files. You can get more details in the relevant section of our documentation.


  • Please give us on Github, it helps!
  • You are more than welcome to submit feature requests in the separate repo
  • Pull requests are always welcome! Please base pull requests against the develop branch and follow the contributing guide.


View full list of our contributors.

Contact Us


Ever Platform follows good security practices, but 100% security cannot be guaranteed in any software! Ever Platform is provided AS IS without any warranty. Use at your own risk! See more details in the

In a production setup, all client-side to server-side (backend, APIs) communications should be encrypted using HTTPS/WSS/SSL (REST APIs, GraphQL endpoint, WebSockets, etc.).

If you discover any issue regarding security, please disclose the information responsibly by sending an email to or on huntr and not by creating a GitHub issue.


We support the open-source community. If you're building awesome non-profit/open-source projects, we're happy to help and will provide (subject to acceptance criteria) Ever Demand Enterprise edition license and free hosting option! Feel free to contact us at to make a request. More details explained in our Wiki.

This software is available under following licenses:

The default Ever® Demand™ Platform license, without a valid Ever® Demand™ Platform Enterprise or Ever® Demand™ Platform Small Business License agreement, is the Ever® Demand™ Platform Community Edition License.

Please see for more information on licenses. You can also compare our offering.

FOSSA Status


Ever® is a registered trademark of Ever Co. LTD. Ever® Demand™, Ever® Gauzy™ and Ever® OpenSaaS™ are all trademarks of Ever Co. LTD.

The trademarks may only be used with the written permission of Ever Co. LTD. and may not be used to promote or otherwise market competitive products or services.

All other brand and product names are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective holders.

Copyright © 2016-present, Ever Co. LTD. All rights reserved.

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