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How to use Gauzy

Ruslan Konviser edited this page Sep 24, 2019 · 2 revisions
  • Enter % of the income you want to share as a bonus with employees next month (e.g. 60% to the employee, 40% to the company).
  • Enter Income for the past month, generated by each employee from work done for company clients.
  • Enter Expenses (optionally) for a specific employee, e.g. cost of Visual Studio per month used by an employee, cost of Antivirus for one employee, cost of office space, etc. Note: such expenses could be different for different employees (e.g. one employee can use free VS Code, while another employee can use paid VS Professional)
  • Enter some fixed Monthly Expenses for each employee, such as monthly salary value, taxes to be paid from salary, etc.
  • See bonus value automatically calculated and displayed in the Dashboard using simple formulas:
Net Income = Income - Expenses - Fixed Monthly Expenses (Salary, Taxes, etc)
Total Bonus = % from Net Income (e.g. equal to Net Income * 0.6 for 60% bonus to employee)
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