Cloud CCTV Server (Phoenix)
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Evercam Server Build Status

Evercam Server is the component that is responsible for talking to the camera. Consider it as a "proxy" for all commands. Processes here request either snapshots or streams and then send them to storage, or to any of the clients (e.g. Evercam-Dashboard, Evercam-Android, Evercam-iOS).

Name Evercam Server
Owner @azharmalik3
Version 1.0
Evercam API Version 1.0
Licence AGPL


  • Request snapshots from cameras
  • Request rtsp stream from cameras
  • Convert rtsp stream to rtmp / hls
  • store snapshots

Come on in, the water's warm :)

To setup the development environment follow the instructions at: evercam-devops

The Evercam codebase is open source, see details:

Documentation about Evercam can be found here:

Any questions or suggestions, drop us a line: