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Wallpaper manager that can extract color themes from images
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wp is a small tool I use to generate color schemes from images, and manage desktop wallpapers.

The color extraction scripts were taken from this blog post with normalization reddit user radiosilence.


As far as I know this only relies on PIL, python image library. I was able to fulfill this dependency with the python-pillow package on Arch Linux. On other systems, pip install Pillow.


$ wp add [file]

Generates color files .[file].colors and .[file].Xres which can be sourced by shell scripts and xrdb respectivly. The color files and the image are added to the backgrounds directory.

$ wp change [file]

Changes the background image to a random image from the ~/.wallpapers directory, or the file passed, and loads the .Xres file into xrdb so xterm or urxvt will use the colors. It also links a script to ~/.colors. If you source ~/.colors in a script you can use the generated colors with $COLOR0, $COLOR1, ...

$ wp rm [file]

Removes the image and it's color files from the backgrounds directory.

$ wp ls

Lists the images in the backgrounds folder.

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