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Evergreen is a distributed continuous integration system built by MongoDB. It dynamically allocates hosts to run tasks in parallel across many machines.


Elastic Host Allocation

Use only the computing resources you need.

Clean UI

Easily navigate the state of your tests, logs, and commit history.

Multiplatform Support

Run jobs on any platform Go can cross-compile to.

Spawn Hosts

Spin up a copy of any machine in your test infrastructure for debugging.

Patch Builds

See test results for your code changes before committing.

Stepback on Failure

Automatically run past commits to pinpoint the origin of a test failure.

See the documentation for a full feature list!

System Requirements

The Evergreen agent, server, and CLI are supported on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Go Requirements

Building the Binaries


  • ensure that your GOPATH environment variable is set.
  • check out a copy of the repo into your gopath. You can use: go get If you have an existing checkout of the evergreen repository that is not in $GOPATH/src/ move or create a symlink.

Possible Targets:

  • run make build to compile a binary for your local system.
  • run make dist to compile binaries for all supported systems and create a dist tarball with all artifacts.
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