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lru -- File System LRU Cache Tool


lru is a tool for pruning file system caches based on access time.


Begin by downloading the package:

go get -u

Then, in your project import:

import ""

Create a cache. You can either instantiate the cache manually and add objects directly using the cache API, or more likely with either the DirectoryContents or TreeContents constructors. All three methods are below:

cache, err := TreeContents(<path>)
cache, err := DirectoryContents(<path>)

cache := NewCache()

Internally the cache stores items as FileObject instances, which track the size, update time and fully qualified path of the object. You can add these objects to the cache using the Add() method, or just use the AddFile helper, as in:

err := cache.AddFile(<path>)

The Size() and Count() methods provide access to the current state of the cache and the Pop() method to remove the oldest item in the cache, but you can also use the Prune() method to remove the oldest files until the cache, until the cache reaches a specific size:

// cache.Prune(<int>, <[]string{}>, <bool>)

err := cache.Prune(<maxSize>, []string{<exclusions>}, <dryRun>)

The exclusion parameter makes it possible to exclude matching files from the cache as needed.


lru ages items out of the cache on the basis of the mtime, or last modification time. This is the most reliable timestamp available given the differences in filesystem configuration: other timing information is platform dependent, and not reliably maintained.

While access time (atime) seems a more likely candidate for an LRU cache, it is common practice to mount most filesystems with the "no-atime" option, for read-only file systems, the default "relatime" (relative atime,) will commonly update the atime value is only updated once a day.

The downside of using mtime, is that normal access operations will not update the timestamp, which means your cache access operations should explicitly update the mtime of the file, using the touch command or an equivalent utility or operation.


See the godoc documentation.


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