Boost Engine for Token Economy
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everiToken Logo

World's First Token-customized Public Chain for the Token Economy and for Everyone.

Build Status

Welcome to the everiToken source code repository!

everiToken public chain is developed and maintained by everiToken Team. The MainNet of everiToken has launched on 31st July 2018.

This code is under rapid development. If you have any quesions or advices, feel free to open an issue.


If your need is to develop applications based on everiToken, JavaScript SDK is provided and maintained officially. It's suitable for the usage on web, backend and mobile platforms like Android and iOS.


  1. everiToken Website
  2. Technical Whitepaper
  3. Developer Portal

Supported Operating Systems

everiToken currently supports the following operating systems:

  1. Amazon 2017.09 and higher
  2. Centos 7
  3. Fedora 25 and higher (Fedora 27 recommended)
  4. Mint 18
  5. Ubuntu 16.04 and higher (Ubuntu 18.04 recommended)
  6. MacOS Darwin 10.12 and higher (MacOS 10.13.x recommended)

3rd-Party Projects by everiToken Community

Note: Projects below are driven and maintained by the community, links are provided here only for convinience.

  1. MyEVT Wallet

Getting Started

Please refer to Developer Portal.

everiToken built on earlier work on EOSIO ( by Thanks!