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@theproductiveprogrammer theproductiveprogrammer released this Mar 31, 2021

Everlife Explorer 2.0.0

We are pleased and excited to announce the release of Everlife Explorer 2.0.0!

Newest API usage

Everlife Explorer 2.0.0 incorporates the latest releases of all underlying technology - from Process Management, the GUI Framework, the Everchain, and the Stellar library.

The latest explorer is faster, smaller, and more performant than ever before! 😎


This release contains:

  1. Mnemonic key generation - because it's much easier to remember a list of words than your public/private keys. For new users, these words hold the key to (re-)generate the avatar, it's stellar wallet, and it's ethereum wallet as well!
  2. Face recognition - your avatar can now recognise your face and log you in. The new face recognition allows you to set up a password protected access to your avatar that can be unlocked only by your face. 🤯
  3. Purchase EVER functionality - you can now purchase EVER from any other account that contains XLM or other assets that can be traded through to EVER. The system will find you the best price and the best path for the amount you wish to purchase. 💰 💵

Download the release for your OS below.

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@theproductiveprogrammer theproductiveprogrammer released this Jul 6, 2020

Install Release 1.8

Release 1.8.0 is the latest recommended release of the Everlife Community Node. It tracks the latest Stellar API changes and has a few other fixes incorporated.

Please download and install this version.

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@theproductiveprogrammer theproductiveprogrammer released this Mar 30, 2020

Install the latest Everlife Explorer for the new feature and better performance.


  • Added support for French and Russian languages.
  • Improved performance of main node and skills that depend on puppeteer
  • Improved Job handling and ability to handle more types of work

Resolved Issues:

  • When skill crashes spawning more child process
  • When sending a direct message to the avatar it's not reaching out

How to Install

Please download the Mac or Windows version as appropriate and double click to install. Ensure you have Python installed as before installing. If you want to install external skills or develop your own please ensure you have the latest npm.

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Jul 25, 2019
Update docs

@theproductiveprogrammer theproductiveprogrammer released this Jan 30, 2020

Got a new Job and learnt a new language

We are happy to announce the newest release of your Everlife.AI avatar. This is a major release with an powerful technology upgrade internally in addition to your avatar now being able to enroll in a new paying job and learning to speak Spanish and German!

How to Install

The pre-requisites for installing your avatar are that you have a valid Python installed on your machine. Download the appropriate package for your operating system and click it to run the installer and you're done!

Key Release Features

Speaking new Languages

In this release the avatar can now converse in both German and Spanish in addition to English.


As time goes on your avatar will learn more and more languages. In future releases we are hoping to allow the avatar to be trained by you in whatever language you wish.

Enroll for New Job

The Avatar now supports individual jobs. Employers can hire individual avatars to do specific tasks and distribute the work among a pool of avatars. New jobs will be coming soon.

Other features

The avatar has been upgraded technologically so it has better performance and system use. It also now supports a "Dark mode" theme for those that like the dark mode, and a new "Backup" button in the wallet pane for backing up your avatar.


As always - Let us know how the release works out for you in the Discord channel! See you there!

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Jul 25, 2019
Update docs

@theproductiveprogrammer theproductiveprogrammer released this Nov 27, 2019

We are pleased to announce that in this release of the Everlife Community Node we have managed to make your avatar slimmer and faster. It is now half the size of the earlier release and performance is significantly improved. In addition, this release has removed dependencies on NodeJS and Git, added a way for your avatar to support your website through chat, and we now provide a server version so you never need to worry about your avatar stopping when you shut down your desktop.

With lots of other minor fixes and enhancements, this release is well worth your download.

Release Features

  1. Support Chat Widget: You can now embed a chat widget on any website you own and connect it with your avatar. This allows visitors to chat with your avatar which will reply from your own Knowledge base.
  2. Server Version: Now your avatar can run 24/7 on a dedicated server or VPS so you don't need to keep your desktop running forever.
  3. Easy Install: We have significantly reduced the pre-requisites you needed for setting up your community node. You no longer need to install either NodeJS or Git.
  4. Slimmer, Lighter, and Faster: Significant work has gone into reworking the insides of the Avatar to streamline it and make it smaller (almost half the size), lighter, and faster to download, install, and run.


To install your Avatar on the community node please you still need to have:

  • Python

installed on your machine. With this done, simply download the appropriate version (Win/Lin/Mac/Server) and run the installer and you're ready to go! Note that if you are on an older version of Mac you may need the Mac Mojave version

Source Code

As always source code for this avatar node UX is available here:

We are working on improving the source code availability for future releases.

Release Highlights

Using the Chat Widget

One of the exciting new features is the ability to use your Avatar to support your small business website. With this feature, you can create a Facebook messenger chatbot on your website and connect it with your Avatar.

This will allow visitors to your website to chat with your Avatar directly. The Avatar will respond to any basic queries they may have (from all the Knowledge Bases you have given it). Any queries it does not have answers to it will forward to you and you can reply to them directly.

Please see the attached "Chat Widget Instructions.pdf" document for details on how to set this up.

Using The Server Version

To use the server version you first need some dependencies set up.

  1. NodeJS (with npm)
  2. Git

And the make tools for your distribution:

Debian / Ubuntu

apt-get install \
  automake \
  g++ \
  libgconf-2-4 \
  libtool \
  libxext-dev \
  libxkbfile-dev \
  libxtst-dev \

CentOS / Fedora

dnf install \
  libXext-devel \
  libXtst-devel \
  libxkbfile-devel \
  gcc-c++ \
  m4 \
  automake \

Mac OS

brew install libtool automake

After you have set up the dependencies, simply follow these steps:

  1. Unzip the server package into a directory
  2. Enter the directory and run npm install
  3. After the install is complete run npm run server to start your avatar as a server node

Easy Install

In this release we have significantly reduced the amount of dependencies you needed to get the community node installed. You no longer need to first set up NodeJS or Git for the base community node to work. You still need to install Python and, if you use external skills you will need npm to set up the external skill dependencies. In future releases we will be removing these requirements as well.

Slimmer, Lighter, Faster

Internally the Avatar has undergone a lot of changes to make it streamlined, cleaner, faster, and more robust. This new and improved Avatar is almost half the size of the previous release, faster, and uses less memory. Enjoy!


As always - Let us know how the release works out for you in the Discord channel! See you there!

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Jul 25, 2019
Update docs

@theproductiveprogrammer theproductiveprogrammer released this Aug 31, 2019

This release provides multiple enhancements of the Everlife client capabilities.

What is contained in this release:

  • New Twitter Job
  • Ability to see all your wallet transaction history
  • Ability to see all available jobs on the network
  • Get notified when payment made to your avatar
  • Integrated KB Editor
  • Improved Chat interface - multiple changes, better visibility etc
  • Avatar introduces itself on initial start
  • New API's for public/private posts

These are described in more detail below:

New Twitter Job

This job allows you to use your twitter account and get paid for occasional messages and promotions.

To install use:

    /install eskill-tweet

and enroll into the twitter job

    /enroll 100101

And follow the instructions from your avatar (click the skill tab and the twitter skill to provide your username/password).

Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 9 26 19 PM

Ability to see all your wallet transaction history

In the Jobs & Payments tab we now show your wallet transaction history so you can see when you have been paid, by whom, and how much.

Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 9 25 53 PM

Ability to see all available jobs on the network

In the Jobs & Payments tab we also show all available jobs and your enrolment status so you can join up for new work and earn EVER.

Screenshot 2019-09-01 at 7 39 40 AM

Get notified when payment made to your avatar

Whenever you get paid, your avatar will now inform you, so you know it's doing something useful.

Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 9 26 38 PM

Integrated KB Editor

You can edit your KB answers, add more questions and manage your own knowledge base directly in the new "KB" tab.

Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 9 27 03 PM

Improved Chat interface - multiple changes, better visibility etc

The new Chat interface is easier to discover, keeps track of your history, and is just better looking.

Avatar introduces itself on initial start

For new users, the Avatar takes you through the /intro sequence so you can quickly get an understanding of how to use your Everlife Client.

New API's for public/private posts

For developers we have added API's so you can enhance your skills and make public or private posts to the Everlife feed.

As always ping us with your feedback and issues on Discord! Have fun

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@theproductiveprogrammer theproductiveprogrammer released this Aug 1, 2019

Paid Jobs Available!

In this release of the Everlife Node avatars can finally begin to earn EVER directly and easily. All you have to do is join the network and successfully keep your avatar running and it will perform jobs in the background to earn EVER. The job currently available is "Proof of Uptime" - see more details here: Proof of Uptime Job


To install new skills (including the proof-of-work) please ensure you have the pre-requisites installed:

  1. Git
  2. NPM

Wallet Improvements

In order to manage your currency we have made improvements to the wallet. You can now import external wallets and get your avatar to use them:

Screenshot Import Wallet

To simplify the process, the EVER trustline will be automatically added to your wallet so that you can be paid immediately.

Chat Clearly

Feedback from our user base has shown that the pop-up chat was hard to find. We have taken this on-board and chat is now in it's own pane - clearly visible to all.

Screenshot Chat


Finally - in the profile tab - we have added a 'Backup' option so that if your machine crashes you do not lose your wallet or avatar.

Screenshot Backup

Coming Up

As jobs are now integrated, keep an eye out for new upcoming PAID jobs that your avatar can do to earn. We will be releasing more jobs soon! Have fun!

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