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Evernote SDK for C++
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Latest commit 8ff7bab Jun 12, 2013 mustafa updating to API 1.25
   * Added RelatedQuery.referenceUri
   * New system exceptions thrown by getPublicNotebook and
authenticateToSharedNote when the target content has been taken down.
   * Added SharedNotebook.recipientSettings,
   * Added optional authenticationToken parameter to
NoteStore.authenticateToSharedNote, only needed for YXBJ
   * Added creatorId and lastEditorId fields to NoteAttributes
   * Added two factor authentication functionality to
UserStore.authenticate and authenticateLongSession, added
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src updating to API 1.25 Jun 12, 2013
APACHE-LICENSE-2.0.txt 1.21 May 30, 2012
LICENSE 1.21 May 30, 2012
NOTICE 1.21 May 30, 2012 updating to API 1.25 Jun 12, 2013

Evernote SDK for C++

Evernote API version 1.25


This SDK contains wrapper code used to call the Evernote Cloud API from C++ apps.


In order to use the code in this SDK, you need to obtain an API key from You'll also find full API documentation on that page.

In order to run the sample code, you need a user account on the sandbox service where you will do your development. Sign up for an account at

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