try to verify Observable, in RxJava, can be a Monad.
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I'm now developing rxscalaz which provides some useful type class instances for Observable. Please check it out, too.

RxJava's Observable can be a List like Monad and ZipList like Applicative functor.

  // observable monad object by standard flatMapping.
  // this provides List monad like semantics.
  implicit val observableMonad = new Monad[Observable]{
      def point[A](a: => A) = Observable(a)
      def bind[A, B](oa: Observable[A])(f: (A) => Observable[B]) = oa.flatMap(f)
  // This produce ZipList like Applicative. (Note: ZipList cannot be a monad.)
  // Observable(f,g,h) <$> Observable(x,y,z) === Observable(f(x), g(y), h(z))
  // Note: point(a) generates an infinite sequence.
  implicit val zipListLikeApplicative = new Applicative[Observable] {
      def point[A](a: => A) = interval(1.millis) map{_ => a} observeOn(scheduler)
      def ap[A, B](oa: => Observable[A])(of: => Observable[(A) => B]) = map {fa => fa._1(fa._2)}

Test Result

$ sbt test
[info] Loading global plugins from /Users/everpeace/.sbt/plugins
[info] Set current project to default-be8178 (in build file:/Users/everpeace/Documents/githubs/observable-canbe-monad/)
[info] ObservableCanBeZipListLikeApplicative
[info] + _+_ can be lifted to Observable(ZipList style): ^(Observable(1,2),Observable(3,5){_*_} equals to Observable(3,10,...)
[info] Total for specification ObservableCanBeZipListLikeApplicative
[info] Finished in 20 ms
[info] 1 example, 0 failure, 0 error
[info] ObservableCanBeMonad
[info] monad must satisfy
[info] + monad.applicative.functor.identity
[info] + monad.applicative.functor.composite
[info] + monad.applicative.identity
[info] + monad.applicative.composition
[info] + monad.applicative.homomorphism
[info] + monad.applicative.interchange
[info] + consistent with ap
[info] + monad.right identity
[info] + monad.left identity
[info] + monad.associativity
[info] + monad.ap consistent with bind
[info] + _*_ can be lifted to Observable: ^(Observable(1,2),Observable(3,5){_*_} === Observable(3,4,6,8)
[info] Total for specification ObservableCanBeMonad
[info] Finished in 51 ms
[info] 12 examples, 1101 expectations, 0 failure, 0 error
[info] Passed: : Total 13, Failed 0, Errors 0, Passed 13, Skipped 0
[success] Total time: 2 s, completed 2013/10/18 18:46:41