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Scalamata: Automata in Scala

Scalamata is implementation of some automata. Supported automata is below:

  • Deterministic Finite Automata(DFA) source
  • Non-Deterministic Finite Automata(NFA) source
  • epsilon-Non-Deterministic Finite Automata(epsilon-NFA) (which is epsilon-transition equipped NFA) source
  • Pushdown Automata: epsilon-NFA with pushdown storage(stack) source


Define Automata

import org.everpeace.scalamata._

// Define States
sealed abstract class S
case object S0 extends S
case object S1 extends S
case object S2 extends S
case object Sink extends S

// Define Transition Function
// S0--a-->S1--a-->S2
val sigma : (S, Char) => S ={
  case (S0, 'a') => S1
  case (S1, 'a') => S2
  case _ => Sink

// Create DFA on Char as Alphabet and S as State.
// Creating automata needs three arguments
//   - transition function: (State,Alphabet) => State
//   - initial state: State
//   - accepted states: Set[State] or State=>Boolean
val only_aa = DFA(sigma, S0, Set[S](S2))

Run Automata

// Input of Automata is Seq[Alphabet].
// (i.e. Seq[Char] in this example)
only_aa.accept("aa".toSeq)               //true
only_aa.accept("".toSeq)                 //false
only_aa.accept("ab".toSeq)               //false

Compsiting Automata

// concatenation
only_aa >> only_aa      //only accepts aaaa

// parallel composition
only_aa || only_bb      //only accept aa|bb

// complement
! only_aa               //only accept string except for aa

// repetitions
only_aa *               // 0 or more times
only_aa +               // 1 or more times (== only_aa >> (only_aa *) )
only_aa ?               // 0 re 1 times

More Examples

see examples.


All Solutions licensed under MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for further details.


Copyright (c) 2012 everpeace.

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