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Documentation | Demo

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EverShop is a GraphQL Based and React ecommerce platform with essential commerce features. Built with React, modular and fully customizable.


  • Catalog management
    • Product management
    • Category management
    • Attribute and attribute group
    • Variant management
    • Custom options
    • Product layered navigation
  • Order management
  • Customer management
    • Customer group
    • Customer address
    • Login, register and my account
  • Advanced coupon management
  • Online payment methods
    • Stripe
    • Paypal


Explore our demo store.

EverShop Admin Demo


Demo user:

Password: 123456

EverShop Store Demo


Quick Start

You can get started with EverShop in minutes by running the following command:

npx create-evershop-app my-app --playAround


If you like my work, feel free to:

  • this repository. It helps.
  • Tweet about EverShop. Please accept my gratitude.

Ask a question about EverShop

You can ask questions, and participate in discussions about EverShop-related topics in the EverShop Discord channel.

Create a bug report

If you see an error message or run into an issue, please create bug report. This effort is valued and it will help all EverShop users.

Submit a feature request

If you have an idea, or you're missing a capability that would make development easier and more robust, please Submit feature request.

If a similar feature request already exists, don't forget to leave a "+1". If you add some more information such as your thoughts and vision about the feature, your comments will be embraced warmly :)


EverShop is an open-source project. We are committed to a fully transparent development process and appreciate highly any contributions. Whether you are helping us fix bugs, proposing new features, improving our documentation or spreading the word - we would love to have you as part of the EverShop community.

Please refer to our Contribution Guidelines and Code of Conduct.


GPL-3.0 License