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Chef cookbook for installing and managing Netflix's Exhibitor, a co-process for Apache Zookeeper.


In particular, two key attribute hashes drive this cookbook.

The first is node['exhibitor']['cli'], which specifies command-line options that will be used when Exhibitor is run. Some are necessary, and in particular the defaults provided will ensure Exhibitor is able to run.

The second is node['exhibitor']['config'], which manages the configuration parameters that get rendered to the file. The defaults are sensible starting values.

We recommend running exhibitor::default to get a basic, default setup of Exhibitor going, as well as calling exhibitor::service if you want the service to boot up in the same run. These recipes are split for workflows within, for example, AMI pipelines.

More documentation to come. Please see the Exhibitor docs for more information on the specifics of running Exhibitor.

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Apache License, Version 2.0