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OmniAuth Passport

This gem contains the Everyday Hero Passport strategy for OmniAuth.


This gem will only work if you have a copy of our OAuth2 server running locally on which you don't. Once we sort out the URL structure I will make a 1.0.0 release.

How To Use It

Usage is as per any other OmniAuth 2.0 strategy. Add the strategy to your Gemfile:

gem 'omniauth-passport', '~> 0.0.1'

After adding the gem you will need to bundle install and create config/initializers/omniauth.rb.

Rails.application.config.middleware.use OmniAuth::Builder do
  provider :passport, ENV['PASSPORT_KEY'], ENV['PASSPORT_SECRET']

The typical convention for key / secret pairs is storing them in an environment variable. Lots of tools (e.g. POW and Procfile) will source an environment file before loading which is a great place to put the environment variables.

Currently we are returning the user's name, email and uid.

For more information on hooking up omniauth check out the README at: