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Everyone bot logo
Everyone Bot

Telegram bot to get everyone's attention in a group chat. Like @everyone in other messaging applications.


Use the hosted bot, or host your own!

Add to your group


/start - Display help text
/in - Opt-in to receive mentions
/out - Opt-out of receiving mentions
/everyone - Mention all opted-in users
/clean - Admin-only command to clean up inactive users


  • Clone the repository
  • Run npm install -g yarn if you haven't got yarn installed globally.
  • Run yarn install in the repository to install dependencies.
  • Create a config.json based on config-sample.json with the desired settings or setup the environment variables mentioned below.
  • Run npm start or npm start:dev to start the service.

Environment Variables

Name Description
TELEGRAM_API_KEY API key for the telegram bot, provided by @BotFather
BOT_USERNAME Username of the live bot on Telegram. Must be without the @ sign.
FIREBASE_PROJECT_NAME Firebase project to be used for storage of groups & users.
FIREBASE_DATABASE_SECRET Auth secret for Firebase to communicate securely.
MENTIONS_PER_MESSAGE Used to chunk the mentions into multiple messages as Telegram doesn't notify the people mentioned after the first 4 - 5.
ENABLE_REMOVE_INACTIVE_MEMBERS_COMMAND Enables the experimental admin-only /clean command


MIT © Aquib Master