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vvvv pack for working with scalar & vector fields
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vvvv pack for working with 2D and 3D scalar and vector fields.

Some highlights:

• modular node based raymarching

• lots of 2D & 3D SDFs (signed distance fields)

• lots of useful noise functions

• texture baker (handy if you want to for example use 3D noise in existing shaders)

• some nice higher order tricks like being able to derive the gradient or curl of a function, Euler, RK2 & RK4 integration of a function

• DX11.Particles adapter


•vvvv >= 35.7 + Addon Pack

•DX11 pack >= 1.1

•a GPU that supports Shader Model 5

To install everything via VPM: To install manually just place in /packs folder.
For more frequent updates, bug fixes and issue reporting:

MIT License- feel free to use in your creative & commercial projects. If used in production a credit is very appreciated:

[Kyle McLean] / []

I’m also very happy if you are doing something interesting and want to employ me on a project basis.

Special thanks to Julien 'Vux' Vulliet for vvvv DX11 & to Robert "tmp" Willner ( for the string shader node

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