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#!/bin/env ruby
# encoding: utf-8
require 'wikidata/fetcher'
names = {}
names['15'] = 'Catégorie:Député de la XVe législature de la Ve République', 'fr').member_titles
names['14'] = 'Catégorie:Député de la XIVe législature de la Ve République', 'fr').member_titles
names['13'] = 'Catégorie:Député de la XIIIe législature de la Ve République', 'fr').member_titles
names['12'] = 'Catégorie:Député de la XIIe législature de la Ve République', 'fr').member_titles
wanted = names.values.inject(:|)
# Find all Memberships since the start of the 12th Legislature
# This will ignore anyone who has a continuous membership from before
# that, but at the minute it's just a fallback for people missing from
# the Categories above, so should be Good Enough For Now
sparq = <<EOS
?item p:P39 ?position_statement .
?position_statement ps:P39 wd:Q3044918 ;
pq:P580 ?start_date .
FILTER (?start_date >= "2002-06-19T00:00:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime) .
p39s = EveryPolitician::Wikidata.sparql(sparq)
EveryPolitician::Wikidata.scrape_wikidata(ids: p39s, names: { fr: wanted }, batch_size: 250)