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The EveryPolitician project is currently on hold. See this blog post for more information.


This is the data repo for EveryPolitician. It contains the data powering, and other sites such as

Want to use the data?

Want to contribute data?

This repo is where we store the data, but we have a process for adding it — please don't submit Pull Requests with data. Instead, if you know of data or data sources we are not using, please get in touch: here's how to contribute. The bottom line is: we use multiple online sources, and we regularly retrieve data from those sources so we can automatically keep up-to-date if and when they change. If you can help us by providing more sources, great!

This document is for developers actively working on the project, rather than consuming data from it.

Building the data for a legislature

  1. From within the directory for the legislature it should usually be enough to run bundle exec rake clean default.

    • To re-refetch the data from a given source first, set the REBUILD_SOURCE environment variable to something matching the filename of the required source: e.g. REBUILD_SOURCE=official bundle exec rake clean default

    • If you want to fetch fresh data from all existing sources, you can use bundle exec rake clobber default instead.

    • Note that if you're fetching any data from Morph, you'll also need to specify your API key in the environment variable MORPH_API_KEY, e.g. MORPH_API_KEY=my_secret_key bundle exec rake clean default

  2. Make sure that the changes look sensible, and then commit the new/refreshed data. Please commit human-edited files separately to data fetched from a remote source or generated as part of the build.