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everypolitician-popolo for Python

This is a port of the Ruby gem everypolitician-popolo to Python. Even this README is strongly based on that gem.


You can install this package with:

pip install everypolitician-popolo


You can download a Popolo file manually from EveryPolitician (although there's another library if you want to automate that: See also: the everypolitician package).

The following example uses Åland Lagting (which is the legislature of the Åland islands, available as JSON data from the EveryPolitician page for Åland).

First you'll need to require the library and read in a file from disk.

from popolo_data.importer import Popolo
popolo = Popolo.from_filename('ep-popolo-v1.0.json')

All Popolo classes used by EveryPolitician are implemented:

There are methods defined for each property on a class, e.g. for a Person:

len(popolo.persons) # => 60
person = popolo.persons.first # => u'e3aab23e-a883-4763-be0d-92e5936024e2' # => u'Aaltonen Carina'
person.image # => u''
person.wikidata # => u"Q4934081"

You can also find individual records or collections based on their attributes:

popolo.persons.get(name="Aaltonen Carina")
    # => <Person: Aaltonen Carina>

    # => [<Organization: Liberalerna>,
    #     <Organization: Liberalerna på Åland r.f.>,
    #     <Organization: Moderat Samling>,
    #     <Organization: Moderat Samling på Åland r.f.>,
    #     <Organization: Moderat samling>,
    #     <Organization: Moderaterna på Åland>,
    #     <Organization: Obunden Samling>,
    #     <Organization: Obunden Samling på Åland>,
    #     <Organization: Ålands Framtid>,
    #     <Organization: Ålands Socialdemokrater>,
    #     <Organization: Ålands framtid>,
    #     <Organization: Ålands socialdemokrater>,
    #     <Organization: Åländsk Center>,
    #     <Organization: Åländsk Center r.f.>,
    #     <Organization: Åländsk Demokrati>,
    #     <Organization: Åländsk center>]


After checking out the repo, install the dependencies with:

pip install -r requirements.txt

You can then run the tests with:


To release a new version, update the version number in and add notes to the CHANGES.txt describing the fixes or new features.

See also: the everypolitician package

In the example above, the Popolo data comes from a downloaded file (ep-popolo-v1.0.json), which is the kind of file you can get from the EveryPolitician website. But your Ruby application can also interact directly with the EveryPolitician data using the everypolitician package, so you don't need to handle JSON files at all. The value returned from the Legislature.popolo method is a Popolo object, which you can use as above. For example, you can install the package with:

pip install everypolitician

And then use it as follows:

from everypolitician import EveryPolitician

australia = EveryPolitician().country('Australia')
australia.code # => u'AU'
senate = australia.legislature('Senate')
senate.popolo().persons.get(name='Aden Ridgeway') # => <Person: Aden Ridgeway>


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at <>.


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.


Parse Popolo JSON data and navigate it with Python



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