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Pants filter

Add pants or blur out everything from the waist down for extra safety on Zoom calls.

View a demo and more background on the project at


The pants filter uses OpenCV and MediaPipe's Pose detection to add a real-time pants filter to video input. The result is piped to a virtual camera output using pyvirtualcam.

To use the resulting output, you must have a virtual camera device. The easiest way to do this on any OS is to download and install OBS, open it up, then click "Start Virtual Camera" on the bottom right. You can now close OBS for good. With the pants filter running, select "OBS Virtual Camera" as your video source in Zoom/Teams/etc.

Hit the p key on the preview window to toggle your pants among ten different styles, included in the pants folder as a standard PNG template.

Hit ESC on the preview window to exit the pants filter, or CTRL+C to close the Python process.

Optional flags:

  • --help - Display the below options
  • --input - Choose a camera or video file path (defaults to device 0)
  • --pants - Draw pants by default, instead of only blurring
  • --width - Proportional width of pants beyond mid-leg width (defaults to 0.4)
  • --flip - Flip along the y-axis for selfie view
  • --landmarks - Draw detected body landmarks from MediaPipe
  • --record - Write the output to a timestamped AVI recording in the current folder

Example usage:

  • python -h - Show all argument options
  • python --input 2 --pants 1 --width .6 --flip 1 --landmarks 1 --record 1 - Camera device 2; slightly wider hips; flip the image; draw landmarks; generate a recording
  • python -i "/Downloads/shakira.mp4" -w .9 - Use video file as input; extra hips


A video filter to add pants or blur out your lower half on Zoom calls when you forget to wear pants






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