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EveryVoter is an email automation platform that helps digital teams at organizations involved in voter outreach send customized, targeted “Get Out The Vote” emails at mass scale. Each email can contain its own specific messaging, drilling all the way down to the State House level.

Here’s an example: Let’s say, as a national organization, you want to send state- and district-specific emails on why voters should turn out this year (and who they should vote for).

This is what that EveryVoter email looks like for someone in Wisconsin’s 1st District.

The key to EveryVoter is in sending around election-related deadlines:

  1. You select the deadlines you want to email around -- dates that could include Voter Registration deadlines, Early Voting or Absentee deadlines, and Election Day. EveryVoter continually monitors and updates these deadlines as states change them.
  2. You write and and pre-load HTML copy into the platform.
  3. You track your emails as EveryVoter takes care of the rest at the right moment.

Your organization’s EveryVoter schedule, then, could look something like this:

  • 7 Days Before Voter Reg Deadline
  • 3 Days Before Voter Reg Deadline
  • 0 Days Before Voter Reg Deadline
  • 2 Months Before Election Day
  • 1 Month Before Election Day
  • 10 Days Before Election Day
  • 7 Days Before Election Day
  • 2 Days Before Election Day
  • Election Day

EveryVoter complements your existing email program by taking care of a large chunk of your GOTV email needs.


EveryVoter was originally written by Nick Catalano at Organizing for Action. The code for EveryVoter can be viewed at the official GitHub repository, where pull requests can also be submitted.


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