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Commits on Jun 16, 2010
  1. @arlo
  2. @arlo
  3. @arlo
  4. @arlo

    prompt_with_default can now take a block, as Capistrano::CLI.ui.ask can.

    arlo authored
    It allows cool things like prompt_with_default(:really_delete_everything,"no") {|q| q.validate = /^(yes|no|)$/ }
  5. @arlo
Commits on Jun 15, 2010
  1. 0.4.0 version

     - added propel tasks (thanks to
     - added orm abstraction
     - added doctrine/symfony tasks
     - huge refactoring of mostly everything (thanks to
  2. fixed build calls & names

     - fixed calls in `:cold` & `:testall`
     - added `:build_all` & `:build_all_and_load` aside with `:build_db*` if user wants to call it by hands
  3. @arlo

    Don't (re)generate code twice, adpat task naming

    arlo authored
    - since symfony:orm:build_classes is done after every deploy, symfony:doctrine:build_all and sympfony:doctrine:build_all_load don't have to
    - rename symfony:orm:build_all to symfony:orm:build_db to reflect change
    - rename symfony:orm:build_all_load to symfony:orm:build_db_load to reflect change
  4. @arlo
  5. removed test task

  6. Merge branch 'arlo'

  7. merged Arlo's changeset

     - added symfony:propel tasks
     - added symfony:orm tasks (abstraction on doctrine & propel tasks)
     - added symfony_orm & symfony_lib variables, that autoguessed by default (from remote schema & symfony -V call)
     - updated `after` finalize_update hooks
     - fixed some task names
  8. fixes in binary

     - fixed variable settings to most common
     - fixed plugins recipes loader to search in symfony-like plugin folders
  9. lot of fixes & ns refactoring

     - `:doctrine` namespace is now in `:symfony` namespace, so cat `symfony:doctrine:build_all_reload`
     - `doctrine:build_classes` task now called only in `:migrate`
     - replaced `run` to `stream` in some tasks to simplify output
  10. fixes in binary

     - fixed variable settings to most common
     - fixed plugins recipes loader to search in symfony-like plugin folders
  11. @arlo


    arlo authored
  12. @arlo
Commits on Jun 14, 2010
  1. @arlo

    Welcome to propel !

    arlo authored
    - add propel basic tasks under :propel namespace
    - introduce :orm namespace to proxy commons tasks
    - configure database only if needed
    - for propel : automatically check/create the mandatory propel.ini file
  2. added some symfony & doctrine tasks

     - `:run_task` now `:default`, so to call custom task it's enough to run `cap symfony`
     - `project:enable` & `project:disable` tasks
     - `project:send_emails` task
     - `tests:functional` & `tests:unit` tasks
     - `doctrine:dql`, `doctrine:data_dump` & `doctrine:data_load` tasks
  3. merged Arlo changesets

     - fixed spaces in code
     - added `symfony_env` variable, that specifyes production environment name & used in symfony tasks
     - added `asset_children` variable with collection of path to timestamp after deploy
     - refactored `share_child` task
  4. @arlo
  5. @arlo
  6. @arlo

    Code refactoring

    arlo authored
    - config dir is now in shared_children and so automatically created
    - remove deploy:create_dirs task. deploy:finalize_update task do the job as in the capisatrano rails way
    - remove db:symlink task. Now it is done in the deploy:finalize_update task
    - since some sf coders don't put generated code in the SCM, every deploy should (re)build all generated classes
    - ensure that symfony configure:database move databases.yml file in shared config directory
    - remove --class option to symfony configure:database since symfony can do it depending of the orm configuration
    - deploy:start task should'nt rebuild the database neither ask for database configuration
    - clean deploy:start task since permissions are now managed in deploy:finalize_update
  7. @arlo
Commits on Jun 13, 2010
  1. bumped version to 0.3.3

     - added ability to specify php binary
  2. fixed spaces

  3. @xgorse

    Add path to php binary configurable

    xgorse authored committed
Commits on Jun 12, 2010
  1. fixed deploy hooks

    Now project:clear_controllers task actually runs
Commits on Jun 11, 2010
  1. @arlo
  2. bumped version of gemspec & updated README to v0.3.0

     - fixed incorrect links bug (thanks to arlo)
     - added database dumpers tasks
     - database:move:* now uses database dumpers to actually dump
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