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deploy:migrate only for primary with role ":app" #354

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I open this as an issue, because I don't know, if it was intended, or not. I have this in my deploy script

role :web,   domain
role :app,   domain
role :db,    domain, :primary => true

Now I tried to run deploy:migrate the first time after a while and noticed, that it failed with

`symfony:doctrine:migrations:migrate' is only run for servers matching {:roles=>:app, :only=>{:primary=>true}, :except=>{:no_release=>true}}, but no servers matched

Is the role :db gone, or where did I get it from? :smile: But I am nearly sure that it worked earlier...
Regardless of this: In my opinion it is cleaner to separate the different roles more explicitly (like above). As you can see one can still setup a single server with every role and therefore get the old and probably most common behaviour again.


This has been changed in one of the last versions because I got stuck with this too after updating Capifony


Change your configuration from

role  :app,                   domain
role  :db,                    domain, :primary => true

to (remove :db role)

role  :app,                   domain, :primary => true
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@pylebecq pylebecq referenced this issue from a commit in pylebecq/capifony
@pylebecq pylebecq Fixed default deploy.rb (refs #354) 32b33df
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