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Add some scenarios

$> vim src/Bossa/Bundle/TrainingBundle/Features/admissions/student_enrols_on_a_course.feature

We are adding just enough scenarios to go over the steps of full stack bdd
with Symfony. Please note that the order of the scenarios is important. They
should ease the conversation. They should be fluid, meaning current scenario
should expand the knowledge of previous one and prepare the conversation for
the next one. They should be focused on the domain. They should focus on
value and provide the "what do we mean" for the feature narrative.
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commit 1be8db426ead16e8011e007b8e7df0a5fc6c3ec3 1 parent 1063d1d
@everzet authored
29 src/Bossa/Bundle/TrainingBundle/Features/admissions/student_enrols_on_a_course.feature
@@ -2,3 +2,32 @@ Feature: Student enrols on a course
As a student
In order to guarantee my place for a course
I want a way to formalise that
+ Scenario: No courses scheduled
+ Given there are no courses scheduled
+ When I go to the "courses" page
+ And I should not see any courses
+ Scenario: Courses scheduled
+ Given a "Symfony2 for Drupalists" is scheduled
+ When I go to the "courses" page
+ Then I should see the "PHP for Dummies" course
+ And I should be able to enrol
+ Scenario: Successful enrolment
+ Given I am not enrolled in any course
+ When I enrol for "Symfony2 for Drupalists"
+ Then I should be marked as enrolled on this course
+ Scenario: Double enrolment
+ Given I am already enrolled for "Symfony2 for Drupalists"
+ When I enrol for "Symfony2 for Drupalists" again
+ Then I should still be marked as enrolled
+ But I should be told that I can not enrol twice
+ Scenario: Reaching student quota
+ Given I am not enroled for "Symfony2 for Drupalists"
+ And I am already enrolled in 5 other courses
+ When I attempt to enrol for "Symfony2 for Drupalists"
+ Then I should not be marked as enrolled
+ And I should be told that my quota has been reached

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