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Latest commit 5737b64 @evgeny-goldin Merge pull request #9 from nachtgold/master
empty job.node not working with hudson 3.0
Failed to load latest commit information.
about-maven-plugin AboutMojo - "mavenDependencyPluginVersion" is "2.8" by default.
assert-maven-plugin Back to "groovy-all".
copy-maven-plugin CopyMojo fix.
duplicates-finder-plugin CodeNarc fix
find-maven-plugin <version>0.3-SNAPSHOT</version>
gradle/wrapper Gradle wrapper updates
groovydoc GroovyDoc cosmetics
ivy-maven-plugin Cosmetics.
jenkins-maven-plugin empty job.node not working with hudson 3.0
mail-maven-plugin <version>0.3-SNAPSHOT</version>
maven-common ArtifactoryMojo - properties are merged.
maven-settings <version>0.3-SNAPSHOT</version>
mojo-parent <version>0.3-SNAPSHOT</version>
properties-maven-plugin <gcommons-version>0.6.3-SNAPSHOT</gcommons-version>
silencer-maven-plugin <version>0.3-SNAPSHOT</version>
spring-batch-maven-plugin <version>0.3-SNAPSHOT</version>
sshexec-maven-plugin SshexecMojo cosmetics.
timestamp-maven-plugin <version>0.3-SNAPSHOT</version>
.gitignore .gitignore - ".idea" added.
README.markdown README update.
build.gradle Gradle wrapper update update
codenarc.groovy CodeNarc rules update.
gradlew CodeNarc fixes.
gradlew.bat CodeNarc fixes.
license.txt License year update
pom.xml "artifactory-maven-plugin" is removed.
settings.xml Readme updates, "settings.xml" added.


  • Maven plugins, documentation.

  • Issue tracker.

  • Only Maven 3 is supported!

  • Run "mvn -s settings.xml clean install" to build and install plugins into your local Maven repository.

  • Run "mvn -s settings.xml clean install -Dsilence" to build and install plugins with Maven logging minimized.

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