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Sublime Text 3 plugin for PHPUnit
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Simple PHPUnit commands

This plugin allows you the run the PHPUnit tests using the Sublime Text interface, without having to open and use the command line.

Available commands:

  • PHPUnit: Run
  • PHPUnit: Run with params

Coloring output:

Coloring output


Use Package Controller or create a the directory SimplePHPUnit in your Sublime Text Packages directory, and you're ready to go.


Press Cmd + Shift + P for the dropdown command list, search for PHPUnit: , and pick your command. Also you can use Tools/PHPUnit... menu item


You can use command simple_php_unit for your keybinding.


{ "keys": ["super+ctrl+alt+t"], "command": "simple_php_unit" }


  • PHPUnit config file needs to been in the root folder of your structure in the sidebar.
  • You need insert in Sublime Text user settings "show_panel_on_build": true or use Tools/Build Results/Show Build Results menu item for view results.


If you liked this plugin, you can donate to support it!

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