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  • K-Lisp is compiler and not interpreter. Programs in K-Lisp are dynamically compiled directly into native machine instructions. Like other Lisps, it supports dynamic re-definition and re-compilation of any system parts at runtime without stopping the system. That gives incredible possibilities for support and upgrade of non-stop systems.

  • K-Lisp has tight integration with C. K-Lisp provides infrastructure to extend Lisp with C functions with minimum overflow for performance reasons or integration with third party C libraries. K-Lisp also provides both funcall function and FUNCALL macro for easy call of Lisp functions from C. Generally speaking, K-Lisp may be considered as metaprogramming extension of C language with dynamic typing and compilation. And C may be considered as low level extension of K-Lisp for performance purposes. K-Lisp supports loading of dynamically linked libraries with C-extensions at runtime.

  • K-Lisp exports garbage collector (GC) API to C programs. And such significatly simplifies memory management in complex programs. GC is conservative.

  • K-Lisp has separate namespaces for functions and variables.

  • K-Lisp supports both lexical and dynamic variables binding. It has separate syntax for lexical and dynamic binding. All global variables are dynamically bound, while function parameters and local variables are lexically bound.

  • More dateiled specs are in docs/specs.txt.


  • OS supported: Linux 32 and 64 bits.

  • Prerequirements. You need Lua with bitops library. You need Capstone dissassembling library, resides under 3rd_party/ durectory.

  • Since it does not have make file, you'll need Erlang to build the compiler. There is build.erl file in root directory. It is my replacement of make, written in Erlang. You need to start Erlang in the root directory:

    evgeny@wheezy:~/work/klisp$ erl
    Erlang/OTP 17 [erts-6.2] [source] [async-threads:10] [kernel-poll:false]
    Eshell V6.2  (abort with ^G)
    1> c("build.erl").
    2> build:compile().

After that you'll have K-Lisp build in lisp/tests directory:

  evgeny@wheezy:~/work/klisp$ ./lisp/tests/klisp.release
  kl> (load "lisp/boot.lisp")

  kl> "Hello, world!"

  "Hello, world!"