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Cython implementation of PyParsing created for use in Coconut and Undebt.

Just pip install cpyparsing then import cPyparsing as pyparsing or otherwise use cPyparsing however you would normally use pyparsing.

cPyparsing is currently only up-to-date with pyparsing==2.4.7cPyparsing has no current plans to support any pyparsing>=3 features. cPyparsing supports Python 2.6+ on Python 2 and Python 3.3+ on Python 3.

Additionally, cPyparsing supports an incremental mode that can be enabled with ParserElement.enableIncremental(). In incremental mode, if the same grammar is used to first parse some string, then later parse another string that shares a common prefix or suffix, incremental mode will produce substantial performance improvements. Note that incremental mode does not fully preserve parse exception error messages.