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Android backup and restore guide for non-rooted devices
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Android Backup and Restore guide for Non-Rooted Devices

Android Backup and Restore guide for Non-Rooted Devices

Android backup and restore process might be a little bothersome and somewhat complex. I'll try to simplify this process for you, and guide you through it. We will focus of the backup and restore process of single Android apps.

What's on this guide?

A quick guide for setting up and using adb

How to get adb to your computer, and how to use some of its basic functions.

Backup applications using adb or Helium

Detailed instructions for backing up applications using both adb and Helium application.

Extract and modify android backups

How to extract data from android backups and how to modify it.

Restore applications using adb or Helium

How to restore the backed up applications.

An example of how to create a backup, modify it and restore it

Advanced usage of Android backup and restore process.

Where is the guide?

Right here

Note that the pdf/docx files are outdated!

Got issues?

Feel free to open new issues or just mail me if you've got any.


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