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helium_ab2tar - Convert ab backup to tar archive and vice versa

Instructions are taken from here:

Hi, the "helium_ab2tar" finally helped me. Good work! I was running Win7 and didn't have any C compiler installed, so here is what I found:

• from the link above, extract to a new directory

• from download Binaries and Dependencies and extract files make.exe, libintl3.dll, libiconv2.dll to your helium_ab2tar-master directory

• from download a recent TinyCC build and extract the whole zip into your helium_ab2tar-master directory

• edit the makefile and change "CC=gcc" to "CC=tcc\tcc.exe"

• change "-o ab2tar_cut" to "-o ab2tar_cut.exe", "-o ab2tar_corr" to "-o ab2tar_corr.exe", "-o tar2ab_cut" to "-o tar2ab_cut.exe", "-o tar2ab_corr" to "-o tar2ab_corr.exe"

• finally run make.exe

How to use: ab2tar_cut [.ab file] [temporary file] ab2tar_corr [temporary file] [.tar file]

The folder extracted files contains the files I had already compiled. It Should work on Windows 8 and above, 64bit.

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