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eviivo Booking Widget - WordPress plugin


The front end files (css/js) need to be compiled if you're working of the repository files.

To do so, you will need to have npm and grunt-cli (npm install -g grunt-cli) installed.

Build command

npm install
grunt build


While developing you can use the watch task to build the files on the fly.

grunt watch


The plugin tries to implement the PSR-0 standard. All the classed are loaded automatically from the src folder, using the eviivo\Plugin namespace.

File structure

  • assets - frontend resources.
    • dist - computed automatically
    • source
      • images
      • js
      • less
  • config - php config files
  • languages - po/mo dictionary files.
  • shortcodes
    • all the files in this folder are registered automatically as short codes.
    • the files name will the shortcode tag name
    • the attributes will be extracted as variables in the current scope. To get to the all the attributes use the $attributes variable.
  • src/eviivo/Plugin - PHP sources
    • Admin/Hooks/Filters and Admin/Hooks/Filters
      • create static methods in these classes and they will be registered as filters/actions
      • to register a filter/action that has illegal characters in the name for a method (like acf/ini), use the $mapping static array property to defined (method_name => hook_name)
    • Pages
      • All files (except Base.php) are registered as admin pages wp-admin. Each file should contain a class with the name of the file in the eviivo\Plugin\Admin\Pages namespace, extending viivo\Plugin\Admin\Pages\Base
    • Pages/Form
      • Forms used in wp-admin
    • Ajax
      • Calls - all the files are registered as ajax scripts. Calling /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=eviivo_[CLASS_NAME] will call the process() method on the appropriate ajax script
    • Elements
      • Store view helpers, mostly for the Forms
    • Helpers
      • Generic PHP helper classes
    • Hooks - see Admin/Hooks
    • Model - Model class used to store the BookingForm data, this will be serialized and persisted as an array in the *options table
    • Widgets - all the files are registered as Widgets.
    • Main.php - main Controller for the plugin
    • Util.php - misc. usefull functionality as static methods.
  • views - templates
  • .gitignore
  • eviivo-booking-widget.php - plugin entry point
  • Gruntfile.js - define build tasks
  • package.json - project dependencies
  • README.md - infinite recursion