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@oskay oskay released this Jan 9, 2016 · 259 commits to master since this release

EggBot 2.7.x updates the USB serial framework (pyserial) to version 3.0, for faster and more reliable connections. (Following up on issues #17 and #31.)

EggBot 2.7.x is primarily recommended for Mac users on El Capitan (MacOS 10.11+).


All users: You must have Inkscape installed on your computer, prior to installing the software. Download Inkscape from

Important note: Inkscape version 0.91.0 or newer is required.
(If you must use an older version of Inkscape, such as 0.48.5, please instead install EggBot software version v2.4.0.)

Mac users: Download and run the Mac installer: EggBot2.7.1cs.mpkg.pkg

Windows users: We recommend that you download and run the Windows installer from the previous major release, EggBot_250A.exe. Manual installation of this newer version is possible as well; download

The UBW Driver Installer v 2.0 is needed for Windows prior to Windows 10 only. This installer is included with the auto-installer in v2.5.0. Windows 10 does not require a driver for the EggBot.

If you would like to manually install this software, first install the UBW driver (for versions prior to Windows 10), and then download Extract the ZIP archive, and copy the entire contents of the extensions directory (including the "serial" subdirectory) into your Inkscape extensions folder, replacing any identically named files and folders there.

Typically, your extensions directory is located at:
C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions\ or
C:\Program Files (x86)\Inkscape\share\extensions\

Linux users: Manual install: Download and extract the contents of file Copy the contents of the "extensions" directory to: .config/inkscape/extensions/ and relaunch Inkscape.

Optionally, download the example files set as well.

Under the hood:

EggBot 2.7 replaces the serial "scan" routines (found in earlier versions) with platform native scan routines included with the pyserial utilities. This is faster and more reliable, especially on MacOS 10.11.

  • The Mac and Linux releases include a copy of pyserial 3.0.
  • The Windows release includes a copy of pyserial 2.7. (Pyserial 3.0 requires at least python 2.7, but Inkscape for Windows currently includes python 2.6.5.)

Separately, several of the functions common to the EggBot, WaterColorBot, and related machines have been abstracted into a different python library, now available here:

Many other small bug fixes and improvements.

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