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@oskay oskay released this Jan 31, 2015 · 301 commits to master since this release

This software is provided to control the Original Egg-Bot, by Evil Mad Scientist.
More information at

The software is designed as a set of extensions to Inkscape, and includes the software that actually drives the robot, as well as a number of vector art utilities, such as Hershey Text.

Also available -- included with installers or as a separate download -- over 100 example files in our sample set. :D

Changes in this version:

  • Close issue #19, by updating installers for Inkscape 0.91 (released 2015-01-28).
  • EggBot template: Updated name of default layer.
  • Added new example file (kistka-loops.svg).
  • Bug fix: #22; subtle issue with pause and resume.
  • Hershey Text extension removed. Hershey Text is built into Inkscape as of version 0.91.0.


All users: You must have Inkscape installed on your computer, prior to installing the software. Download Inkscape from

Important note: Inkscape version 0.91.0 or newer is required.
(If you must use an older version of Inkscape, such as 0.48.5, please instead install EggBot software version v2.4.0.)

Mac users: Download and open EggBot_v2.5.0_Mac.dmg. Run the EggBot Installer, and (optionally) copy the EggBot Example set onto your drive.

Windows users: Download EggBot_250A.exe. Run this installer, which:

  • Installs the EggBot software within Inkscape
  • Installs the USB driver (the "UBW" driver), and
  • Gives you the option to install the EggBot Example set as well.

Linux users: Download and extract Copy the contents of the "extensions" directory to: .config/inkscape/extensions/ Optionally, download the example files set as well.

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