Common files for Inkscape extensions to drive EggBot, WaterColorBot, and similar plotter-type machines
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Helper routines for Inkscape extensions to drive EggBot, WaterColorBot, AxiDraw, and similar plotter-type machines.

These library files are intended to provide a single place to edit routines that are common to the EggBot extensions for Inkscape, the WaterColorBot extensions for Inkscape, the AxiDraw extensions for Inkscape, and derivative machines. Hosting these in a single place means less duplication of code, and (more importantly) reduces the number of cases where identical code changes need to be made in multiple places.

The three library files are:

  • - Routines for communicating with the EiBotBoard by USB serial (PySerial 2.7 + required).
  • - Common commands for interacting with the robot
  • - Additional helper functions for managing the plot.