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Welcome to the RCLootCouncil2 wiki!

Table of Contents

Getting Started

RCLootCouncil is an addon intended to facilitate and speed up the loot council process - something that still exists even though Blizzard has forced Personal Loot upon us all. It's a tool that can be used in many ways, but for the vast majority of users it's all about clicking their response in the Loot Frame.

All loot candidates (i.e. users of the addon) should familiarize themselves with the Loot Frame as that's usually all they're getting to see. There's also a few Options available, although most are intended for the group leader (Master Looter). Options available to everyone is located in the main options page, while ML (Master Looter) specific options are located in the Master Looter section. Another important window is the TradeUI which you'll see any time you need to trade an item to someone else.

All tradeable items are by default sent to the ML for distribution, who then starts a session, for which all candidates can roll on through the Loot Frame. Councilmembers will see the Voting Frame, in which they make their decision.

The ML can enable the Observe option which allows non-councilmembers to see the Voting Frame.

Getting Started as a Council Member

As a council member you'll see the Voting Frame in addition to the Loot Frame. This is where you'll see information about the candidates, and where you'll cast your vote. RCLootCouncil supports a few different voting schemes, and you should have a discussion with your group leader on how to vote. You should study the Voting Frame to familiarize yourself with the layout.

RCLootCouncil only facilitates the tools that can help a council to be effective, but for obvious reasons cannot make any given council effective. Councilmembers should discuss how they plan to distribute loot before a raid, and act as rational and impartial as possible for the best results. Remember in the end it's all about distributing the loot where it has the greatest impact for the group.

Getting Started as the Group Leader/Master Looter

As the Master Looter you have the biggest responsibility. Not only are you part of the council, and have to roll on items like any other candidate, you're also in charge of awarding items and setting up everything for everyone. You should not only familiarize yourself with the Loot Frame and Voting Frame, but also the Session Frame, Version Checker and probably all of the Options.

First off, you need to consider how you want the looting to happen. Have a look at the looting options to familiarize yourself with the possibilities. Next up is the buttons and responses. While the default set is perfectly viable, you should consider tailoring them for your group's need.

Next comes the council. A one-man council is totally viable (and supported) for some groups, but the idea behind a loot council is to have several members - preferably an odd number to avoid ties on votes. This is also a good time to discuss your groups looting and voting rules with the rest of the group. Some groups also prefer to rotate in regular raiders to freshen up the council, but in the end it's up to you, as everyone else follows your settings.

Finally once you enter an instance you'll be prompted with a popup asking you if you want to use RCLootCouncil - by default it will never try to handle anything without you accepting usage through this popup (this behavior can be changed in the usage options). Once anyone loots a tradeable item, you'll see the Session Frame with said item, and you can start the session from there.

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