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Motorcar is a framework for 3D windowing built on top of Wayland originally developed by Forrest Relling for his Master's thesis at Cal Poly. It is designed to provide the simplest mechanism possible for a basic 3D windowing infrastructure that gives 3D applications desktop flexibility in how their content is drawn while also supporting unmodified Wayland applications in the same 3D compositor space.

We aim to provide the end user and developer with a true 3D desktop experience.

Motorcar is currently designed to run on desktop platforms supporting QTWayland, QTCompositor, EGL, and OpenGL. Required devices include the Oculus Rift DK1 and Razor Hydra.


Motorcar is currently available in source form on Forrest's github. At this time we are working on Archlinux packages, with releases for other platforms supporting Wayland planned for in the future.


The Motorcar project is open source and as such is open to your discussions and help in any way. To participate you may contact us by joining our mailing lists motorcar, motorcar-devel.


Documentation for Motorcar is available in the github repo here Note it is a work in progress, sparse and may be out of date in some parts. We are working on it.

See [Toward General Purpose 3D User Interfaces](Toward General Purpose 3D User Interfaces) for more information about Forrest Reiling's Master's thesis.

Motorcar Framework Design

See Motorcar Framework Design


At this time building Motorcar involves many steps due to its dependencies on newer feature sets.

See Building For information on building and installing Motorcar.


See Research for more information of possible areas of research regarding Motorcar.


See Development for more information on our areas of active Motorcar development


See Guidelines for more information on our project guidelines for the development process.


Motorcar is released under the FreeBSD License. Motorcar dependencies, libraries, and device SDK's may carry other licenses.

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