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Arkestra is an intelligent, semantic web content management system for organisations and institutions.

It is flexible, modular and extensible, and has a rich set of automated web publishing tools.

Arkestra was developed at Cardiff University School of Medicine to provide a platform for the School’s web presence.

Design principles

Arkestra has been designed around a number of key principles:

  • the system should provide a genuinely semantic framework for information representing the world and work of organisations
  • wherever possible, everything the system publishes should be informed by its semantic model
  • wherever possible, the system should act on information it holds, including implicit information, to minimise the work the web editor must do

Key modules

Contacts & people

Arkestra is an institutional CMS. It maintains and publishes information about people and their relationships with the entities they belong to, and the relationships between institutions and their parts.

News & events

Arkestra holds information about what’s on, including information about how important news and events items are, and their relevance to different parts of the institution.

The Semantic Presentation editor

As well as maintaining semantic information rather than just mere data at the highest levels, Arkestra does the same at the level of content editing.

Arkestra has a unique editor, based on the WYMEditor, that:

  • creates complex, flexible, multiple-column layouts
  • requires no knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • creates and enforces well-structured semantic HTML

No other web editor can meet more than two of those criteria.

Django CMS

Arkestra integrates with the architecture of Django CMS.

Arkestra requires Django CMS, and can be installed alongside an existing Django CMS project without affecting it in any way.

Other Arkestra sites

Other sites currently running on Arkestra include:


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