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from datetime import datetime
from django import forms
from django.contrib import admin, messages
from django.db.models import ForeignKey
from django.conf import settings
from django.http import HttpResponseRedirect, HttpResponse
from widgetry.tabs.placeholderadmin import ModelAdminWithTabsAndCMSPlaceholder
from arkestra_utilities.widgets.wym_editor import WYMEditor
from arkestra_utilities import admin_tabs_extension
from arkestra_utilities.mixins import SupplyRequestMixin, AutocompleteMixin, InputURLMixin, fieldsets
from links.admin import ExternalLinkForm, get_or_create_external_link
from links.admin import ObjectLinkInline
from models import NewsArticle, NewsSource, Event, EventType
class NewsAndEventsForm(InputURLMixin):
# a shared form for news and events
class Meta:
widgets = {'summary': forms.Textarea(
attrs={'cols':80, 'rows':2,},
def clean(self):
# create the short_title automatically if necessary
if not self.cleaned_data["short_title"] and self.cleaned_data.get("title"):
if len(self.cleaned_data["title"]) > 70:
raise forms.ValidationError("Please provide a short (less than 70 characters) version of the Title for the Short title field.")
self.cleaned_data["short_title"] = self.cleaned_data["title"]
# check ExternalLink-related issues
self.cleaned_data["external_url"] = get_or_create_external_link(self.request,
self.cleaned_data.get("input_url", None), # a manually entered url
self.cleaned_data.get("external_url", None), # a url chosen with autocomplete
self.cleaned_data.get("title"), # link title
self.cleaned_data.get("summary"), # link description
# misc checks
if not self.cleaned_data["external_url"]:
if not self.cleaned_data["hosted_by"]:
raise forms.ValidationError("A Host is required except for items on external websites - please provide either a Host or an External URL")
# must have body or url in order to be published
if not self.instance and self.instance.body.cmsplugin_set.all():
# if not self.cleaned_data["body"]:
message = u"This will not be published until either an external URL or Plugin has been added. Perhaps you ought to do that now."
messages.add_message(self.request, messages.WARNING, message)
class NewsAndEventsAdmin(SupplyRequestMixin, AutocompleteMixin, ModelAdminWithTabsAndCMSPlaceholder):
exclude = ('content', 'url')
search_fields = ['title',]
list_display = ('short_title', 'date', 'hosted_by',)
list_editable = ('hosted_by',)
related_search_fields = ['hosted_by', 'external_url',]
prepopulated_fields = {
'slug': ('title',)
def _media(self):
return super(AutocompleteMixin, self).media + super(ModelAdminWithTabsAndCMSPlaceholder, self).media
media = property(_media)
class NewsArticleForm(NewsAndEventsForm):
class Meta(NewsAndEventsForm.Meta):
model = NewsArticle
def clean(self):
super(NewsArticleForm, self).clean()
# sticky_until value must be greater than (later) than date
date =['date'])
self.cleaned_data['sticky_until'] = self.cleaned_data.get('sticky_until', date)
# if importance = 0, it's not sticky
self.cleaned_data['sticky_until'] = self.cleaned_data['sticky_until'] or['date'])
if self.cleaned_data['importance'] == 0:
self.cleaned_data['sticky_until'] = None
elif self.cleaned_data['sticky_until'] <['date']):
self.cleaned_data['sticky_until'] =['date'])
return self.cleaned_data
class NewsArticleAdmin(NewsAndEventsAdmin):
# some general settings
form = NewsArticleForm
list_filter = ('date',)
read_only_fields = ('sticky_until')
filter_horizontal = (
fieldset_stickiness = ('How this item should behave in lists', {'fields': ('sticky_until', 'is_sticky_everywhere',)})
tabs = (
('Basic', {'fieldsets': (fieldsets["basic"], fieldsets["host"], fieldsets["image"]),}),
('Date & significance', {'fieldsets': (fieldsets["date"], fieldsets["importance"], fieldset_stickiness)}),
('Body', {'fieldsets': (fieldsets["body"],)}),
('Where to Publish', {'fieldsets': (fieldsets["where_to_publish"],)}),
('Related people', {'fieldsets': (fieldsets["people"],)}),
('Links', {'inlines': (ObjectLinkInline,),}),
('Advanced Options', {'fieldsets': (fieldsets["url"], fieldsets["slug"],)}),
class EventForm(NewsAndEventsForm):
class Meta(NewsAndEventsForm.Meta):
model = Event
def clean(self):
# 1. obtain missing information from parent
parent = self.cleaned_data['parent']
if parent:
print "admin.clean thinks this has a parent:", parent
# the many-to-many fields can be inherited
m2m_fields = ['publish_to', ] #organisers ,'enquiries', 'registration_enquiries',
for field_name in m2m_fields:
print "checking parent field_content"
self.cleaned_data[field_name] = self.cleaned_data[field_name] or list(getattr(parent,field_name).all())
# other fields
attribute_list = ['building', 'precise_location', 'hosted_by', 'access_note']
for field_name in attribute_list:
print "checking which attributes to inherit:", field_name
self.cleaned_data[field_name] = self.cleaned_data[field_name] or getattr(parent,field_name)
# if parent is single day event, and this one has no date set, inherit the parent's
if not self.cleaned_data["start_date"]:
if parent.single_day_event:
self.cleaned_data["start_date"] = self.cleaned_data["end_date"] = parent.start_date
self.cleaned_data["single_day_event"] = True
message = u"You didn't say, but I am guessing that this is a single-day event on " + unicode(self.cleaned_data["start_date"]) + u"."
messages.add_message(self.request, messages.INFO, message)
raise forms.ValidationError(u"I'm terribly sorry, I can't work out when this event is supposed to start. You'll have to enter that information yourself.")
# 2. go and do the checks in the parent class
super(EventForm, self).clean()
# 3. check dates
if self.cleaned_data["start_date"]:
if self.cleaned_data["series"]:
raise forms.ValidationError("An event with a start date can't also be a series of events. Please correct this.")
elif self.cleaned_data["end_date"] == self.cleaned_data["start_date"]:
self.cleaned_data["single_day_event"] = True
elif not self.cleaned_data["end_date"]:
self.cleaned_data["single_day_event"] = True
message = u"You didn't enter an end date, so I have assumed this is a single-day event"
messages.add_message(self.request, messages.INFO, message)
elif not self.cleaned_data["single_day_event"]:
if self.cleaned_data["end_date"] < self.cleaned_data["start_date"]:
raise forms.ValidationError('This event appears to end before it starts, which is very silly. Please correct the dates.')
if not self.cleaned_data["start_time"] and self.cleaned_data["end_time"]:
self.cleaned_data["end_time"] = None
message = u"You didn't enter a start time, so I deleted the end time. I hope that's OK."
messages.add_message(self.request, messages.WARNING, message)
if self.cleaned_data["single_day_event"]:
self.cleaned_data["end_date"] = self.cleaned_data["start_date"]
if not self.cleaned_data["start_time"]:
message = u"You have a lovely smile."
messages.add_message(self.request, messages.INFO, message)
self.cleaned_data["end_time"] = None
elif self.cleaned_data["end_time"] and self.cleaned_data["end_time"] < self.cleaned_data["start_time"]:
raise forms.ValidationError('This event appears to end before it starts, which is very silly. Please correct the times.')
self.cleaned_data['jumps_queue_on'] = self.cleaned_data['jumps_queue_on'] or self.cleaned_data['start_date']
if self.cleaned_data['importance'] == 0:
self.cleaned_data['jumps_queue_on'] = None
elif self.cleaned_data['jumps_queue_on'] > self.cleaned_data['start_date']:
self.cleaned_data['jumps_queue_on'] = self.cleaned_data['start_date']
# an event without a start date can be assumed to be a series of events
self.cleaned_data["series"] = True
message = u"You didn't enter a start date, so I will assume this is a series of events."
messages.add_message(self.request, messages.INFO, message)
self.cleaned_data['start_date'] = self.cleaned_data['end_date'] = self.cleaned_data['start_time'] = self.cleaned_data['end_time'] = None
self.cleaned_data['single_day_event'] = False
self.cleaned_data['jumps_queue_on'] = None
self.cleaned_data['importance'] = 0
return self.cleaned_data
def clean_enquiries(self):
data = self.cleaned_data['enquiries']
parent = self.cleaned_data['parent']
print "cleaning enquiries: %s (%s) parent: %s (%s)" % (data,type(data), parent, type(parent))
if not data and parent:
print " getting defaultdata from parent"
data = list(parent.enquiries.all())
return data
class EventAdmin(NewsAndEventsAdmin):
# some general settings
form = EventForm
filter_horizontal = (
ordering = ['type',]
change_list_template = "admin/news_and_events/event/change_list.html"
list_display = ('short_title','parent', 'start_date', 'series', 'slug',)
list_editable = ('parent', 'start_date', 'series', 'slug',)
search_fields = ['title',]
list_filter = ('start_date',)
save_as = True
# autocomplete fields
related_search_fields = ['hosted_by','parent','building', 'external_url']
# the tabs
fieldset_type = ('Type', {'fields': ('type',)},)
fieldset_building = ('Building', {'fields': ('building',)},)
fieldset_when = ('When', {'fields': ('series', 'single_day_event', ('start_date', 'start_time'), ('end_date', 'end_time'))})
fieldsets_relationships = (
('Parent & children', {
'fields': ('parent', 'child_list_heading',),},),
('When displaying the children of this item in lists', {
'fields': ('show_titles', 'display_series_summary',),},),
fieldset_registration = ('Registration enquiries', {'fields': ('registration_enquiries',)})
fieldset_featuring = ('Featured people', {'fields': ('featuring',)})
fieldset_jumpiness = ('How this item should behave in lists', {'fields': ('jumps_queue_on', 'jumps_queue_everywhere')})
tabs = (
('Basic', {'fieldsets': (fieldsets["basic"], fieldset_type, fieldsets["host"], fieldsets["image"])}),
('Date & significance', {'fieldsets':
('Location', {'fieldsets': (fieldset_building, fieldsets["location"],)}),
('Parent & children', {'fieldsets': fieldsets_relationships}),
('Body', {'fieldsets': (fieldsets["body"],)}),
('Where to Publish', {'fieldsets': (fieldsets["where_to_publish"],)}),
('People', {'fieldsets': (fieldset_featuring, fieldsets["people"], fieldset_registration)}),
('Links', {'inlines': (ObjectLinkInline,),}),
('Advanced Options', {'fieldsets': (fieldsets["url"], fieldsets["slug"],)}),
def changelist_view(self, request, extra_context=None):
extra_context = extra_context or {}
'root_events': Event.objects.filter(level=0),
'has_add_permission': request.user.has_perm('news_and_events.add_event'),
'has_change_permission': request.user.has_perm('news_and_events.change_event'),
'has_delete_permission': request.user.has_perm('news_and_events.delete_event'),
return super(EventAdmin, self).changelist_view(request, extra_context)
def get_urls(self):
from django.conf.urls.defaults import patterns, url
urls = super(EventAdmin, self).get_urls()
# helper for url pattern generation
info = "%sadmin_%s_%s" % (, self.model._meta.app_label, self.model._meta.module_name)
#pat = lambda regex, fn: url(regex, self.admin_site.admin_view(fn), name='%s_%s' % (info, fn.__name__))
url_patterns = patterns('',
url(r'^([0-9]+)/move-page/$', self.admin_site.admin_view(self.move_event), name='%s_%s' % (info, 'move_page') ),
#pat(r'^([0-9]+)/move-page/$', self.move_entity),
return url_patterns
def move_event(self, request, event_id, extra_context=None):
target = request.POST.get('target', None)
position = request.POST.get('position', None)
if target is None or position is None:
return HttpResponseRedirect('../../')
event = self.model.objects.get(pk=event_id)
target = self.model.objects.get(pk=target)
except self.model.DoesNotExist:
return HttpResponse("error")
# does he haves permissions to do this...?
if not request.user.has_perm('news_and_events.change_event'):
return HttpResponse("Denied")
# move page
event.move_to(target, position)
return HttpResponse("ok")
class EventTypeAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
class NewsSourceAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
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