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The links system

The links system is one of the most complex parts of Arkestra.

The ExternalLinks database

ExternalLinkForm.clean() checks that the link is in order.

If the URL (which must be unique) already exists in the database, an error is raised; if the title already exists, a warning is raised (a duplicate title could be confusing but is not fatal).


When an object that can have an External URL is saved, the ModelAdmin.clean() of that object must call links.admin.get_or_create_external_link(), passing it various items of information:

  • self.cleaned_data.get("input_url", None), # a manually entered url
  • self.cleaned_data.get("external_url", None), # a url chosen with autocomplete
  • self.cleaned_data.get("title"), # link title
  • self.cleaned_data.get("summary"), # link description

links.admin.get_or_create_external_link() checks that information against the database:

  • is the URL scheme of input_url or external_url permitted by links.admin.check_urls()?

  • has input_url been provided?
    • get_or_create an ExternalLink based on it
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