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Created on Sep 10, 2009
@author: stefanfoulis
from cms.models import Page
import django.http as http
from django.db.models import get_model
import django.shortcuts as shortcuts
from django.template import RequestContext
from django.contrib.auth.decorators import login_required
def setup():
from django.contrib.auth.models import User
from cms.utils.permissions import set_current_user
def check_no_moderator():
print " checking that CMS_MODERATOR is set to False"
from django.conf import settings
if settings.CMS_MODERATOR:
print "!! Please set CMS_MODERATOR=False in settings before using this script !!"
print 'aborted'
raise Exception("!! Please set CMS_MODERATOR=False in settings before using this script !!")
def fix_tree_id(model):
print " rewriting tree_id..."
#from django.db.models import Avg, Max, Min, Count
#base_tree_id = Page.objects.filter(parent=None).aggregate(tree_id=Max('tree_id'))['tree_id'] + 1
base_tree_id = 1
for node in model.objects.filter(parent=None).order_by('tree_id'):
node.tree_id = base_tree_id
r_fix_tree_id(node.children.all(), base_tree_id)
base_tree_id += 1
return "I fixed some trees"
def r_fix_tree_id(nodes, tree_id):
for node in nodes:
node.tree_id = tree_id
if node.__class__ == Page:
r_fix_tree_id(node.children.all(), tree_id)
def fix_leftright(model,do_alteration=True):
print " fixing left and right..."
def recur(node, counter):
node.lft = counter
counter += 1
for child in node.children.all().order_by('tree_id', 'parent', 'lft'):
counter = recur(child, counter)
node.rght = counter
counter += 1
if node.__class__ == Page:
return counter
for root_node in model.objects.filter(parent=None).order_by('tree_id', 'parent', 'lft'):
counter = recur(root_node, 1)
# sanity check
total_nodes = model.objects.filter(tree_id=root_node.tree_id).count()
if not total_nodes * 2 == counter-1:
print " something is wrong! %s != %s" % (total_nodes * 2, counter-1)
return "did some leftright checking"
def fix_level(model):
print " fixing level..."
bad_level_count = 0
level = 0
all_nodes = model.objects.order_by('tree_id', 'parent', 'lft')
for root_node in all_nodes.filter(parent=None):
bad_level_count += r_fix_level(root_node, level=level)
print " fixed level of %s nodes" % bad_level_count
return "I fixed level of %s nodes" % bad_level_count
def r_fix_level(node, level):
bad_level_count = 0
if not node.level == level:
node.level = level
if node.__class__ == Page:
bad_level_count += 1
pass#print " comparing level of page id:%s level:%s to level:%s: ok" % (page, page.level, level)
for subnode in node.children.all():
bad_level_count += r_fix_level(subnode, level+1)
return bad_level_count
def fix(request,slug):
print "fixing mptt tree"
model = get_model(*slug.split('.'))
#print type(model)
if model == Page:
print "it's a page"
#print model.objects.all()
tree_report = fix_tree_id(model)
level_report = fix_level(model)
leftright_report = fix_leftright(model)
print "all done"
#return http.HttpResponse("fixed")
return shortcuts.render_to_response(
def check_leftright():
report = []
report.append("Checking left/right")
print " checking left and right..."
errors = {}
def add_error(node, msg):
if not in errors.keys():
errors[] = [u"node: %s" % node]
def recur(node, counter):
if not node.lft == counter: add_error(node, u"lft is %s, should be %s." % (node.lft, counter))
counter += 1
for child in node.children.all().order_by('tree_id', 'parent', 'lft'):
counter = recur(child, counter)
if not node.rght == counter: add_error(node, u"rght is %s, should be %s." % (node.rght, counter))
counter += 1
return counter
for root_page in Page.objects.filter(parent=None).order_by('tree_id', 'parent', 'lft'):
counter = recur(root_page, 1)
# sanity check
total_pages = Page.objects.filter(tree_id=root_page.tree_id).count()
if not total_pages * 2 == counter-1:
print " something is wrong! %s != %s" % (total_pages * 2, counter-1)
report.append("something is wrong! %s != %s" % (total_pages * 2, counter-1))
from pprint import pprint
return errors
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